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    Photography website

    LOL. Good for you - if you pleased everyone then you'd be mediocre which is worse IMO.
  2. bugs

    My First HDR

    Have you thought about cropping some of the black away?
  3. bugs

    Photography website

    Had a very quick look and, for my tastes, more misses than hits. They're mostly all technically good in varying degrees but the subject matter of a lot lacks interest. The shoes on the quayside was hit, for example.
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    what is a Good Camara?

    Digital Single Lens Reflex. The digital equivalent of the SLR (i.e. no "D" prefix). Single Lens Reflex means that you see the image via the lens (reflected to the viewfinder via a couple of mirrors) rather than having a separate viewfinder. The once you press the shutter release the mirror...
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    Recommend a cheap flash

    I've "painted" a scene with a torch on a slow exposure... That's quite an interesting effect. You avoid glare by directing both the light source and camera carefully - same as with a flash, albeit with lights you see it before you take the shot. Light is light at the end of the day - sure it...
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    450d lenses or compatibles

    Not quite what you're after but I'll mention it in any case... the Sigma 30mm f1.4...
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    Recommend a cheap flash

    Not quite the same but just to illustrate how it's not altogether necessary or even desirable to invest/use flash for photography: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-zARqGgHjNc
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    I've got the 055Pro with a pan & tilt head. Had it a few years now and can't fault it. I've often thought about buying something a bit lighter but it's never really been a particularly pressing need. They used to do a carbon fibre version too but I seem to recall that adds quite a bit to the...
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    Photoshop cs3??

    Re: Photoshop cs3 free?? GIMP is good.
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    best budget camera

    I think you can still pick up the pre "X" Nikon D40 for a reasonable sum... That aside... I'd be looking for two key things on a camera. First, some manual control for aperture and focus. Secondly, the ability to control a flash off the camera is quite useful for tank photos (unless, of course...
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    Isolated building

    Wacom tablet is a nice addition for image editing...
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    Isolated building

    It's free - always a bonus. I use to run it on a 1.4ghz, 512mb RAM PC without any problems (currently running on some monster of a laptop (or rather "desktop replacement"), the specs for which I cannot remember). User friendly... I think so. Like any software, depends what you want to do and...
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    Isolated building

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    Free software for photography enthusiasts

    You don't even need Photoshop... Gimp, once you've got your head round it, is excellent. The benefit of RAW is that your camera does not do any processing; however, "benefit" is largely a measure of how well your camera handles different situations. George was on the right track when he...
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    New Camera! woot woot

    The blur is caused by adjusting depth of field. Granted the effect becomes more pronounced at different focal lengths, however, it should be straightforward to achieve with fairly standard lenses (which I'm assuming you got with the camera)?
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    New Camera! woot woot

    The filter just provides physical protection. I've always used one and been grateful! Polarising filters are also a good addition. They cut out some light, therefore, limit the exposure flexibility. However, given that they come in to their own when light is bright/reflected, that tends not to...
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    New Camera! woot woot

    This one for storage/transporting kit (you WILL end up with "kit"...): http://www.lowepro.com/Products/Shoulde ... _5_AW.aspx This one for taking the selected bits of kit out and about: http://www.lowepro.com/Products/Backpac ... us_AW.aspx The one to start with is the second one as it will...
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    Nikon D40

    D40X is the more viable version IMO.