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  1. killi69

    Looking for Co2 refillers in London

    Yes, I used them last in November. They can also supply you with 5kg bottles (on deposit) and charge £20 for a 5kg refill.I now use London Gases. Its a bit more expensive - £24 refill for 3.15kg bottle - but they do next day delivery service (and pick up old bottle), which works out much easier...
  2. killi69

    any good scapes using Nymphaea zenkeri?

    Always fancied creating a scaped West African biotope tank with lots of roots with anubias and bolbitis and a massive street of red Nymphaea zenkeri twisting across. Would look great with Pelvicachromis pulcher or P. taeniatus nigeria red or any other WA fish with lots of red in it. Don't have...
  3. killi69

    PROJECT : Congo planted tank

    Hi Zanguli, Your project sounds great! Will be absolutely amazing for you to be able to show off pictures taken of where you collect your plants/ fish alongside the pics of what they look like in your tank. I will be following your thread with great interest and look forward to it. I am...
  4. killi69

    Getting bogwood to sink

    Put the wood in a pan as large as you can find and put something heavy on it to keep as much of it under water as possible. I then boil it on a low heat for a whole day, topping up the water with a kettle as it evaporates. Wood small enough to be totally submerged will usually sink after...