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  1. killi69

    Fish for patio pond

    I have kept Aphanius mentho outside in small tubs for years. Easy to keep and they breed well. Same for Macropodus ocellatus, roundtail paradise fish, if you can get hold of them. Both can be kept outdoors year round and dont mind the tubs heating up a lot in the sun during summer.
  2. killi69

    White cloud mountain minnows

    Totally agree. Subtropical and temperate fish often need temperature changes and a colder period. They will live shorter lives if kept warm all year. I keep mine outdoors all year round and their colours dont compare with the ones from an aquarium. The downside of course is you dont really get...
  3. killi69

    28L Nothobranchius guentheri setup questions

    For the brine shrimp hatching, I would really recommend the 'San Francisco Bay Brand Hatching Set', seen here on the right; It works on the same principle as the DIY upside down soda bottle method (seen above on left) and but its much less fiddly, as; a) you have a more stable base, and; b)...
  4. killi69

    28L Nothobranchius guentheri setup questions

    Did you not find that dirt, left over food etc got trapped in all the 'leaves, wood, moss etc'?? When I used to run notho tanks, I found that sooner or later, more and more peat escaped from the bowl and dirt particles, left over food etc got stuck among the peat. I found this to be a problem...
  5. killi69

    Growing your own live feed!

    Apart from daphnia, i also treat my fish once a week or so to freshly hatched brine shrimp and earthworms. Hatching brine shrimp is really simple and most fish, certainly the smaller tetra sized ones, love it. The brine shrimp eggs do cost a bit but you only use very small amounts at a time so...
  6. killi69

    Growing your own live feed!

    Yes, only daphnia and some cyclops. I just use a fine aquarium fish net. Dont dredge! You obviously dont want all the muck and anyway, if a pond contains daphnia or cyclops they will be free swimming and not among the litter at the bottom. The best method is to gently make a round '8' patterned...
  7. killi69

    Growing your own live feed!

    Catch your own culture! I went to local pond last weekend and was amazed at the amount of daphnia and cyclops i could catch with my little fishnet even at this time of the year. Much easier to catch daphnia if you can!
  8. killi69

    Daphnia from the local pond.

    Thanks Darrel. The pond does have fish in it (large carp) but also masses and masses of daphnia. So basically, you'd think there is a risk involved then in feeding daphnia from here. Do you know anything about internal infestations of parasites turning daphnia white? Regards, Andre
  9. killi69

    Daphnia from the local pond.

    I was actually going to post the same question about risks of feeding live daphnia caught in ponds. Year ago, I used to catch daphnia and cyclops all the time and fed them without any problems. I have recently found a pond full of the stuff and have started again. I leave the daphnia in a...
  10. killi69

    Anyone with Clown Killifish experience?

    Agree with Ed. Used to keep clown killis first in london tap water but they were not happy. I then moved them to 50/50 rain/tapwater and eventually to almost pure rainwater. Made all the difference. They coloured up beautifully and produced constant supply of fry among the floating plants...
  11. killi69

    Butterfly barb

    Beautiful fish Zanguli! Lucky you for being able to go and catch Congo fish. Sooooo envious!!! Keep us informed and good luck!
  12. killi69

    Kribensis young

    Lovely fish Martin. Pelvicachromis kribensis are among the most beautiful of cichlids IMO with great character and behaviour. I took this footage of mother Krib herding her fry by mouth yesterday at my girlfriend's. The parents are F1 offspring from fish in my office tank where I had not...
  13. killi69

    Stowaway fish. Any ideas what it is?

    Hi pepedopolous, It is definitely Epiplatys dageti - a female as males have a black band running along the bottom of their anal and tail fins. Quite a hardy species, easy to keep and very suitable for a community tank and will often reproduce in a community tank. They will pose no threat to...