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  1. Edvet

    I want to add a small section with some terrestrial emersed plants (like terrarium plants)

    It has sadly withered away almost completely, just had the waterlevel to low for a while..............:(
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    Amazonia, phosphates and more and more...
  3. Edvet

    Hello all From Leeds : New Fishkeeper eager to learn from you lot.

    Welcome@Ukaps! Lot's to learn here, make sure you hit the tutorials as wel as all the fora.
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    Questions about CO2

    First advice will always be: check to see if you can get your hands on CO2 reliably locally.
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    I've had marbles which were jumpy, now i have Gasteropelecus maculatus and not one has jumped in 5 months since i got them in august. I don't have covers, I do have floaters. These floaters were all but gone when i got them and have grown back since. Still not even a dash to the surface.
  6. Edvet

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

    Best wishes for all and all you love!
  7. Edvet

    Hobby laterite balls? Any reviews?
  8. Edvet

    Current food trends

    Frozen white, black and red mosquito larvea, frozen mysis, rarely live grindal/enchytraeae at home. I buy white and red mosquito larvea live once a year and feed those for a week Only live food at work grindal, enchytraeae, i add Hyalella mexicana to the tanks regularly. Sometimes live daphnia...
  9. Edvet

    A Wardian Case

    Daylight only? Looks like it could use a smidgen more light.
  10. Edvet

    Green water in high flow hillstream tank

    I got green water fast if i used long hours, maybe try just 6 hours.
  11. Edvet

    The Accidental Aquascape

    Yess more plantmass needs more ferts. Young frogbit leaves seem healthy enough, so some better growth could be the clue, so i would indfeed try some more ferts.
  12. Edvet

    Spray Bars

    Eheim does some
  13. Edvet

    Canadian Aquascaper says Hello !

  14. Edvet

    Olympus is Calling

    Somehow i feel a real hard trim would be beneficial.
  15. Edvet

    Help: Gap between stand and bottom of rimless aquarium

    My 400 gallon stands on 8 legs :nailbiting: on a tile floor:):)
  16. Edvet

    Lighting a 600lt aquarium

    Giesseman Razor work perfectly, just use reflectors.
  17. Edvet

    Lighting a 600lt aquarium

    Get some T5's. You can buy or DIY a mount. 2 80 Watts are plenty for what you want.
  18. Edvet

    Lighting a 600lt aquarium

    High tech or low tech? Easy plants or also the difficult ones? Budget?
  19. Edvet

    Staghorn (now BBA) Algae issues

    Seen these?:
  20. Edvet

    What is the ideal amount of light for a new 70L tank?

    Well the inverse square law will still work, just with reflectors you increase the original output, just like LED's with a directional output give higher light to start with.
  21. Edvet

    What is the ideal amount of light for a new 70L tank?

    1) remember algae can profit from lower light values then your (other) plants, much lower. So i wouldn't start using sunrise/sunsets till all is growing very healthy. So 2 hours added are 2 hours added for the algae. 2) Raising will lower lightvalues squared to distance, double the total...
  22. Edvet

    What do you keep in your 300 litre tanks???

    Oh i did do my decade with discus too. But i like so may fish,more often some rarer species of smaller fish. I loved and had altums, multiple species of dwarf cichlids, Lebasinidae ( Nannostomus, Phyrrhulina), dwarf Crenicichla's, rare characins. There are so many beautifull fish. I am lucky...
  23. Edvet

    What do you keep in your 300 litre tanks???

    I find a fish i absolutely love and build my setup around it.
  24. Edvet

    Aquatic Dinosaur

  25. Edvet

    Floating plants

  26. Edvet

    My hydroponic project

    Lots of info to be found on that.
  27. Edvet

    Polyether vs Polyester/polyethylene foam filters (minor rant)

    I don't think it will be a problem in a planted tank, because most bacterial activity will be on the plants and it's rootsystem. Only in higher tech you want to have a 'cleaner' tank, so i guess this will colide with the lower maintenance, longer stand time of the HMF, which might increase the...
  28. Edvet

    Good side bad side

    Flow or substrate differences are the first that come to mind.
  29. Edvet

    Shrimp Safe Inflow

    Black foam perhaps?;)
  30. Edvet

    Do Healthy Plants Release Organics?

    Which? and why?
  31. Edvet

    Flow and Putting fish first.... (wrong forum? Hehe)

    I always put fish first, but flow isn't a bad thing. I nature during low water periods there is a lot of flow in their habitat, but also spots where they can escape flow, same as in our tanks. The 10 times "rule"is a guideline originating from overestimated manufacturers claims about the output...
  32. Edvet

    Looking for CO2 diffuser for lab experiment

    "AU BAIN MARIE"...............:)
  33. Edvet

    Offshore - 80x40x40

    And throw in some floaters, guppies like to hang high in the tank.
  34. Edvet

    Polyether vs Polyester/polyethylene foam filters (minor rant)

    Pondshops sell 100x50 cm here
  35. Edvet

    Product Review Black water light

    You could DIY a LED floodlight
  36. Edvet

    Crypts missing something but I don't know what Help please

    Nom harm in removing the reflectors, crypts can do with low light. Other than that they don't look that bad, they just need a dose of "patience";)
  37. Edvet

    EI and Excel?

    How about using Darrel's "duckweed index" where the appearence of a floating plant ( which has acces to full light and CO2 levels) dictates wether you need ferts.
  38. Edvet

    Offshore - 80x40x40

    It's kinda not about making enemies or not, but about the welfare of the inhabitants.............................
  39. Edvet

    Frost resistance of glass tanks

    Unheated? No experience but these might freeze solid as they will ice up from all sides. I've seen large plastic ponds used with polycarbonate covers, even then they added a small heater.
  40. Edvet

    Help selecting background plants . . .

    Eichornia diversifolia?
  41. Edvet

    Small bug?

    Looks some kind of harmless creature which accidentaly landed on the "dead" aka not moving catfish.
  42. Edvet

    Tropica & Pets at Home

    Or the ducks brought it in..........
  43. Edvet


    We had a Zoo here in the Netherlands which recreated an Amsterdam canal, bicicles, shopping carts and all.
  44. Edvet

    Maxing CO2 in Low Techs

    I love HMF, i run mine on cheap smal filters, either two small ones or a larger one. I use the outflow"pipe" just below the surface angled slightly upward to get some surface movement or just above to break the surface. These: Very reliable and no sound.
  45. Edvet

    Hi from singapore

  46. Edvet

    Latest ph Profiles see page 5. Not saying it's a regular occurance in nature, though at the start of raining season waterlevels can rise 10-20 meter in the amazon which will change watercomposition hugely...
  47. Edvet

    All my algae has gone, and i want it back!

    Yup. feed them.
  48. Edvet

    HC Cuba Seeds DSM

    Beware some sell non-aquatic plants as aquarium plants...........:mad:
  49. Edvet

    What is the ideal amount of light for a new 70L tank?

    The video. ( i was suspecting it to be a low tech tank, it being in your son's bedroom)
  50. Edvet

    What is the ideal amount of light for a new 70L tank?

    Looks far higher than deep...........wide angle lens?
  51. Edvet

    What is the ideal amount of light for a new 70L tank?
  52. Edvet

    What is the ideal amount of light for a new 70L tank?

    Low tech ( longer hours, less intensity) or high tech ( shorter time, high intensity, CO2 needed)?
  53. Edvet

    HC Cuba Seeds DSM

    Perhaps flood it for 3 hours or so and then drain it again? Just to get rid of the spidermite?
  54. Edvet

    Just for fun

    (Looks like it could use a bit more ferts)
  55. Edvet

    Introduction - referred from the Apistogramma forum

    Welcome@Ukaps Pics or it didn't happen:)
  56. Edvet

    Paludarium In the making.

    Ahhh a { almost clean} new canvas:geek::thumbup:
  57. Edvet

    cycling tank with plants immediately

    Don't do 1). Not needed or beneficial ( lots of talk about this on this forum) As soon as you have healthy growing polantmass you can start adding fish gradually, most of the healthy bacteria live on the plants and their healthy rootsystem. We see the filters more as devices for flow.
  58. Edvet

    Ongoing, consistent, plant growth problems and deficiencies

    For me it's hard to see deficiencies ( using EI macro's and micro's). In general dose plenty and do large waterchanges should work. Two possible problems i see are: 1) something wonky in your well water 2) not enough maintenace ( either diy ( rub the leaves clean) or use a maintenance crew...
  59. Edvet

    Electrical wiring advice

    Or heat the room sufficiently.
  60. Edvet

    Ongoing, consistent, plant growth problems and deficiencies

    Seen this: Just get something that fit's your budget, don't overthink.
  61. Edvet

    PAR Measurement

    I guess it's the very few data ( almost no manufacturer gives solid data) and the investment in expensive meters that killed the discussion. Far easier to qoute the oldfashioned and outdated Lux or lumen:banghead: which every deales seems to provide. Using PAR would be best imo.
  62. Edvet

    Ongoing, consistent, plant growth problems and deficiencies

    The only use for a pH controller would be to set it so it would prevent lethal CO2 dose ( malfunctioning system). To have it controle the pH would risk fluctuating CO2 levels which in turn could cause algae. pH drops through CO2 delivery are no problem for the fish ( extreme CO2 levels on the...
  63. Edvet

    Ongoing, consistent, plant growth problems and deficiencies

    If you keep the holes subsurface and pointing horizontal it should improve flow, surface agitation will increase gassing of, doesn't matter if it is through spraybar or powerhead. I would start by putting the powerhead central jusst under the spraybar, also pointing horizontal. Pen: Milwaukee...
  64. Edvet

    Looking for CO2 diffuser for lab experiment

    Or use a reactor you can DIY. CAn be made from regular PVC pipes.
  65. Edvet

    Ongoing, consistent, plant growth problems and deficiencies

    A good pen is better and faster. Doing a pH profile will tell a lot about your CO2 delivery. I would improve the flow: have the output of the spraybar horizontal just below the surface, if you need to use the powerhead point it in the same direction so the flows enhance ( you can't bounce flow...
  66. Edvet

    Garden soil arrangement

    You can mix everything into the soil, just mnake sure you capp it thick enough ( see the link to white cube in my signature to see how i did it)
  67. Edvet

    IAPLC 2019 Results

    You go for biotiope contests
  68. Edvet

    Hardscaping- Rock Work

    Thought about artificiël rock? Or a DIY version?
  69. Edvet

    Brown patches on Moss Balls

    Using ferts? Cleaning and rolling them regularly ?
  70. Edvet

    Ongoing, consistent, plant growth problems and deficiencies

    Can you post a vid? So we can see flow? Possible to do a pH profile ( hourly measurements from before CO2 starts till lights out?)
  71. Edvet

    Garden soil arrangement

    Have a read of this:
  72. Edvet

    Plants to cover equipment?

    Hiding will hinder flow won't it? Is there a reason it isn't horizontal and or just below the surface?
  73. Edvet

    Show your orchids!

    I am guessing mostly hybrids and almost no species:(
  74. Edvet

    Show your orchids!

    Now that's the way to keep orchids!
  75. Edvet

    Why Advise A 1pH Drop?

    Does this help?
  76. Edvet

    My hydroponic project

    Looks like basil to me ;)
  77. Edvet

    DIY Fertilizer Formula Recommendation

    You would drink Coca cola but not HCl ( about the same pH)
  78. Edvet

    800L w/ sump: CO2 tuning

    I used low dose 24/7 in my sumped 400 gallon with (lots of) succes. Indeed a bit is better then non. I used 2/3 bps entering 1) through the pipe wich caried the sump return and 2) on a separate diffusor ( glas spiral and a plastic dennerle thiingie running on a sepatate pump).
  79. Edvet

    The American Pond

    Not exactly what you want, but have a look at this:
  80. Edvet

    Glass too thin for tank?

    Not stressed just a bit "fluid".
  81. Edvet

    Aquascaping Legends at Vivarium 2019!

    Just a quick reminder as it's almost here! Going on saturday.
  82. Edvet

    Loro Parque (Tenerife) - Huge Planted Tank

    Boesemanni's with the red tail. Black tetra's it seems too ( ternetzi)
  83. Edvet

    Glass too thin for tank?

    60x30x30 cm @ 4 mm
  84. Edvet

    DIY Fertilizer Formula Recommendation

    ( probably unrelated: i add my salts 3x weekly: i add 3 tsp KNO3,1 tsp KH2PO4 and 1 tsp MgSO4 in a liter hot tap water and dissolve it, the liquid was always clear, i've upped my MgSO4 to 3 tsp and now the liquid is milky always)
  85. Edvet

    Bad back and carrying 25L contaners-Options?

    I never worrie about the temp drop ( it can happen in nature too) I regularly put the gardenhose in my 400 gallon to do a large waterchange ( leave it running a few hours) which makes the temp drop from 25 to 18 or so. If you take an hour or 90 min to do the 50% change i wouldn't worrie.
  86. Edvet

    Acrylic cover, thickness recommendation.

    Most will sag eventually, maybe use a smaller glaspane under an acrylic sheet which covers the cutouts?
  87. Edvet

    New challenge for aquarium lover

  88. Edvet

    So what is organic wastes?

    Now that's something worthy of a download, thx sparkyweasel:thumbup:
  89. Edvet

    So what is organic wastes?

    Not sure that isn't just "big words" to sell a product, more then an actual description. Talking about a molecular sieve i think of semipermeabele membranes (RO), not something sitting in a solution. Maybe the molecule exchange in a biological film, as in all our filtres happens, is what happens.
  90. Edvet

    Potency of DIY CO2 (yeast or citric acid) compared to pressurised CO2

    It will help but 1) only to be used with low light, not enough CO2 in water to have high light. 2) due to changing levels it is possible to give higher risk of algae. Best way seems to be multiple setups in line ( more constant production). There should be some posts in CO2 forum here.
  91. Edvet

    Splash tetra - Copella arnoldi
  92. Edvet

    support required please

    Not sure how much O3 would persist in those microbubbles, it's quite reactive.
  93. Edvet

    Nature Aquarium Party 2019

    A bit sad you didn't provide subtitles :(...........................................................................................:lol: I did understand "dream on" though.:)
  94. Edvet

    How achievable is a Nitrate environment?

    Feeding the plants with fishwaste only should be no problem, just make sure you adjust lighting levels accordingly.
  95. Edvet

    How achievable is a Nitrate environment?

    In most aquatic environments with low nutrients there are few/litle plants, just fallen leaves, fallen branches and substrate. In cases where there are plants there has to be a source of nitrogen and in cases of low levels a constant replenishing through flow patterns has to be considered (all...