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Recent content by Vito

  1. Vito

    small custom tank needed

    Hi guys, thanks for all the advice, all seem great solutions, in keen to build one but I don't know where to buy the glass, any suggestions? Sold the tank about 3 months ago as I had no time for maintenance once I had a child
  2. Vito

    small custom tank needed

    Hi guys anyone know where I can get a small tank built, I need it 40cm long by 30cm deep and 20cm high. cheap as possible nothing fancy....
  3. Vito

    not able to grow healthy plants

    Hi Amir, I would normally say up the co2, but at 7-8 bubbles per sec you should have sufficient co2, so it could be a problem with the reactor as everything else seems fine as per your specs. Also try placing your drop checker closer to the bottom to see if the readings are the same to ensure...
  4. Vito

    Hard water cloudiness.

    So Jose what's your solution to this problem as I also used to get a cloudy build as I had my tank running over a year and then realised the glass is completely covered in hard water stains which I can't seem to scrape off, I'm goin to have to investigate into some heave duty hard water stain...
  5. Vito

    120cm flow

    The more light the the higher the uptake need for Co2 and ferts which means faster growth which is great if you want to fill the tank within a few months but you will be able to grow with the two tubes a long as you have the right co2 and ferts personally I have succeed with more lights and more...
  6. Vito

    'Back in the Saddle' 90cm - 1 year on!

    Just a quick pic update, nothing new to report other than I broke one of the EZ clip off the eheim 2028 and had to order a replacement which took 3 days to arrive so it was lights out and everything off, no adverse effects, only a tiny bit of BGA emerged from the substrate but I cleaned that up...
  7. Vito

    New to planted tanks and would appreciate help with a set up...

    Hi Greg, welcome to the side where the grass is greener :) I would strongly recommend a pressurised co2, 2kg FE is ideal and fairly simple to set up, as many people have said before, not enough co2 is far less forgiving and tank full unwanted algae is disheartening. Most ups and downs in a tank...
  8. Vito

    TMC Signature - First planted tank

    Going to be promising, good start
  9. Vito

    'Back in the Saddle' 90cm - 1 year on!

    Thank guys, I will eventually start again but I am waiting for the carpet to fill in completely on the left and I will attempt one last full tank shot also I havent got any spare cash flow right, I am considering reusing my subsrtate but not sure yet. Anyhow I borrowed my brothers SLR and he...
  10. Vito

    'Back in the Saddle' 90cm - 1 year on!

    Thanks for the kind word. Time scale.... Don't know I just enjoy the upkeep believe it or not
  11. Vito

    'Back in the Saddle' 90cm - 1 year on!

    Hey Paulo, to be honest I was a little embarrassed on how the tank was looking so I wanted wait until it recovered but I am happy to report the tank is nearly 100% back on track and the tenellus has grown in the middle and sides and created a new look for the tank at least to my eye anyway, the...
  12. Vito

    60P IWAGUMI Mountain Scape

    Great carpet!
  13. Vito

    Aeration why?

    I raise the Lilly every night to create water movement and bubbles, keeps the surface scum away and plants are in tip top shape and grow ferociously.
  14. Vito

    Utopia - 60l - 2014.06.05 - Kids trimming Montecarlo :-)

    Great scape, good luck with the trimming!!! :)