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Recent content by Paulus

  1. Paulus

    Galaxy paradise 2021 [ADA 120P]

    i dont know the exact price but must be something like: 2 sheets of MDF around 60 euro some screws 5 or 6 euro i already had the paint & woodglue etc in house so no need to buy a new can of paint So maybe to build it new would be around 100 euro all combined.
  2. Paulus

    The ethics of Otocinclus

    The Otocinclus always reminds me of this very old video (14 years ago, getting old..... :P) I really love these fish in planted tanks/good and healthy environments and they are really cool to have in a group. But also always think about the origin of them which always feels weird to see....
  3. Paulus

    Songs from the Man Cave!

    Some good playlists here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGr-rTYtP1m-r_-ncspdVQQ
  4. Paulus

    Sourcing a 90x45cm cabinet?

    Are the doors fixed with these type of hinges? Random google photo :P if so maybe you can adjust the hinges/doors with it so it can be closed again.
  5. Paulus

    3D printing

    I use Fusion 360 for the modeling/adjusting files. And for the printing part Ultimaker Cura
  6. Paulus

    Galaxy paradise 2021 [ADA 120P]

    Just an old school paint roller for it :P
  7. Paulus

    Galaxy paradise 2021 [ADA 120P]

    Hardscape First used some bags filled with lava rocks for the back to get some height for the soil buildup. Also used a cheap (1 euro) pipe insulation to put on the front glass. Just to make sure i won't hit it with some rocks etc :P After that i put in the rest with the rocks, wood and...
  8. Paulus

    Galaxy paradise 2021 [ADA 120P]

  9. Paulus

    Galaxy paradise 2021 [ADA 120P]

    thanks. No concerns here regarding the MDF. I've made a similar one back in 2009 for my other/old tank (100x50x50cm). Its moved from house etc, positions, and moving to make place for this new 120P. Never had issues with it. Made sure all parts are covered with the paint layers and inside the...
  10. Paulus

    What filter? (330 liters )

    Running the Eheim 4+ 600 (2275) on my 120P for a month now. Later when my old tank is gone all add the eheim 2217 to it (now running on the old tank untill i have sold it...) But the 2275 is running great. Nice outflow, very quiet, nice filter media capacity, easy in use. Had the Oase 850T...
  11. Paulus

    Galaxy paradise 2021 [ADA 120P]

    Cabinet Same like my previous DIY "ADA" cabinet I made one for the 120P. First plan was making a 3D model so I knew I got the dimensions etc. correct and get a visual idea on the screen. Small thing I changed this time was the front panel. This one is now aligned and in front of the top panel...
  12. Paulus

    Hello from Holland

  13. Paulus

    Galaxy paradise 2021 [ADA 120P]

    After a couple of years it was time to get a new tank :cool: (old tank is still running for now). So what upgrade did i make? Setup Tank: ADA 120P Cabinet: Custom made one in the style of ADA Light: Chihiros Wrgb 2 120 Filter: Eheim 4+ 600 (2275) + Eheim classic 2217 (from the previous setup)...
  14. Paulus

    New Decade, New Decadence...

    I noticed a photo with the output of a tube mounted to the light stand. I couldn't find the used dosing system/pump in this topic via the search. So i was wondering: which pump/system is connected on the other side of that tube? :P
  15. Paulus

    Options to turn old GHL dosing pumps into a smart 2021 version?

    I have still a GHL dosing pump here. But it's not a "smart" version. The screen brightness is going down after these years so reading it is also hard. In the past i already replaced the screen/board for a new one. But it expensive. So i was wondering: would it be possible to convert this "old"...