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Recent content by pariahrob

  1. pariahrob

    Dutch inspired 90cm

    Looks so healthy!
  2. pariahrob

    Akwarium's Gallery

    Ooh, interesting. I love this idea. I have zero knowledge so will be watching closely.
  3. pariahrob

    Rob's bedroom 60

    Thanks for the info. That’s a big help indeed. next is to find a solution to suspend them. I’m thinking steel box section but can’t find an attractive corner piece. many suggestions? Oh and this is now for the 1200cm tank in the living room. The 60cm upstairs will be a much simpler affair. I...
  4. pariahrob

    Manzi island 180L

    Wonderful layout. Love that explosion of wood and, as a few people have mentioned, that rock/gravel combo looks ace. After 38 days you must be bursting to get back in and get planting. Looking forward to seeing it green!
  5. pariahrob

    Mini M Project - My take on a classic NA style scape

    Great hardscape layout. Looks fab and I like your plant choice and placement too. Agree about the shadowed areas adding interest.
  6. pariahrob

    Journey to high tech

    Those other tanks look great, so imagine the new bigger one will look amazing! As for the filter floss you could super glue it into place, to try and stop them knocking it about?
  7. pariahrob

    My 200g window

    This is looking great. The water change system sounds fantastic, as does all the plumbing. scape looks good. Not sure I’d be able to anything that looked good from both sides but you e done a great job. right, where’s the sledgehammer. Time to knock a wall down.
  8. pariahrob

    My newly planted Dutch style aquascape.

    Looking good. Nice vibrant reds and lush greens.
  9. pariahrob

    Rob's bedroom 60

    I'm thinking about lighting today and wondering if I could do something a bit more DIY. Any thoughts on these things? https://amzn.to/3eLLMAm I've seen similar used on youtube but not expert enough on this to know if they would be suitable?
  10. pariahrob

    Something... Something... Shallow Tank

    This is a great journal! Beautiful results but also a great read. Thanks for sharing the insights.
  11. pariahrob

    Rob's bedroom 60

    While I decide on what tank to get, build a cabinet and so on I’m going to get a filter started. Ordered an oase 850 a load of matrix and some purigen. That’ll get hooked up to an ancient old 60cm tank which is going to be a holding tank for plants and so on. Pretty excited to get started and...
  12. pariahrob

    Shallow Nano

    Nice layout. Are you planning many emmersed plants or all full aquatic? I think your scape would really suit some height from tall plants growing into the air.
  13. pariahrob

    Rob's bedroom 60

    Thanks so much for all your suggestions. Looks like the lower-priced options have improved a lot over the last few years. I may actually need to revise this journal (and its name) as I'm now considering rearranging the living room to do a 120cm instead. Seeing the prices and finish on the aps...
  14. pariahrob

    200 litre Dutch style fluval roma 200

    This is gorgeous. So colourful and it really pops. Fantastic work.
  15. pariahrob

    The 'Hygge' Space

    Looking good. I think the layout you decided on is the best one and like your choice of plants. don’t worry too much about the wood. Red pot always gets that when it’s new. It’ll clear up totally in a week or so.