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    Chihiros and Aliexpress

    Yes they are going to be real. Shipping will be slow, i am in Canada and for us here there is an option to ship as an e-packet which is faster 15-25 days, sometimes even faster, i don't think there is such an option for Ireland so just be patient about shipping. Some sellers have warehouses in...
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    TMC grobeam 1500 tile

    No experience with these lights but this is what i could find: "The GroBeam XB-D Ultima is an over all wide angle 6500K freshwater aquarium light for "High Light" planted or simply "Fish Only" aquariums (for those who desire the most natural light for their plant/fish health) • Consists of...
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    Chihiros A series feedback

    I have a 901, is just a matter of length, has more leds than a 601. I use mine with a TC420 and i love it. Removed the middle led strip and replaced it with a 5050 rgb strip so i can have a colored sunrise/sunset and moonlight. Even without rgb leds, when dimmed it looks great too, but i wanted...
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    80cm Lighting advice please...Chihiros A Series

    A1 - one 801 A series will give more than enough light, they are very bright. The light spread it might not cover the width of your tank. I use one A series 901 on a 90cm long 35cm wide and it covers the width. A2 - no experience with the plus series, but 15cm on each side it will be a problem...
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    Cheap Chinese LED unit + TC420

    I use a Chihiros A series 901 with a TC420 on my tank. This is a nice led fixture for the price, very thin and looks good, it can grow plants very well. Powerful enough so i use only two of the led strips out of three. I had to disconnect one strip due to too much power for the TC420. Even so i...