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Recent content by mjbarnard

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    ADC opening schedule

    Does anyone know if aquatic design centre in london are open on sunday or monday? Rang them but they must have closed already. Website doesnt say. I presume not - but let me know if you know.
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    Second meeting at ADC.

    I'll be coming. Matthew
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    feeding discus

    Paul's recommendations are all excellent. I would agree with him. Pity he spoils it by not declaring as potential conflict of interest that they are all sponsors of his website.
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    Aquariums limited

    I have had some very serious issues with Aquariums ltd. However when pushed they come back with straightforward and honest replies. They might have let some people down (including me) with communication, but I genuinely believe their intentions are good, but their over commitments let them down...
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    Would you fancy a evening at ADC in London? 30th June

    Do we need to bring any contribution towards refreshments etc?
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    Would you fancy a evening at ADC in London? 30th June

    Re: Would you fancy a evening at ADC in London? MIssed me also from page 2 - added! Luis (ghostsword) a1matt mlgt piece of fish (eddie) hotweldfire tony swinney radik LondonDragon (Paulo) Stickleback Worwood Eboeagles mjbarnard
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    Solenoid valve

    Many thanks.
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    Would you fancy a evening at ADC in London? 30th June

    Re: Would you fancy a evening at ADC in London? ADC is a few minutes walk from where I work, and I have bought a ton of stuff from there. Greg recently supplied with me with 50 pre-quarantined rummy nose tetra to go with my discus, and looked surprised when I told him how much I think I have...
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    Solenoid valve

    Thanks 3madstaffs, that's really helpful. They look good quality. Which one are you using, and what size connecting thread did you choose?
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    Solenoid valve

    I have an Aquamedic M-Ventil Pulse Solenoid valve which is only a few months old but is stuck open. Luckily I recognised it a couple of days ago when looking at the drop checker in the morning before leaving for work. The fish didnt look too happy. Since there are several hundred pounds of...
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    D-D Razor lights

    Thanks for the update. Sorry I didnt see your recent message. Useful to know about Coventry as well. Paraquatics were very helpful and swapped the lamps as well. It was part of a 900 ukp order, so not surprisingly they delivered free! Matthew
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    Fish catastrophe

    Thanks all for the interest and sympathy. Sorry didnt make it clear. This is an established tank, which is next to a new larger tank. The new tank is now planted thanks to greenmachine, and is doing well with pressurised CO2, mod to high lighting and EI ferts. However I am establishing the new...
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    Fish catastrophe

    This is a very strange problem. I woke up this morning to find 5 dead fish and the rest gasping at the top for air. I have solved it with some immediate water changes, but do not understand it. 3 year old established tank - 125 litres. Always been overfiltered - Eheim Pro 3 2073, suitable for...
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    Do plants care when it's lights on?

    I generally cant get home before 8pm. Although my setup is medium to high light, pressurised CO2, EI nutrients, I will be limiting the light initially, as advised here. I will probably go for 6 hour photo period initially, using 2 out of 4 x 54W T5. Since I would like to see the tank and it's...
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    2 filters and external pump connected together?

    One final thought. In order to maximise flow and distribution, would there be any harm in plumbing both drain holes into a common pipe and take the filter inlets off that? With appropriate sizes shouldnt restrict inlet flow, and should be easy to arrange so that each filter can be isolated and...