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Recent content by Luketendo

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    Aquascaping Contest Scandal

    There's a bit of a difference between adjusting the contrast and brightness sliders vs copying and pasting your fish though. I thought that these contests asked for RAW photo files to be kept so quite suprised that ADA did not ask for and check these from the winning entries.
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    Help with stag horn

    Prime is a dechlorinator not a fertiliser. I recommend you watch this video on lean vs EI dosing types to learn to pros and cons
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    ADA Vuppa II - calling all owners

    It's true that if you run it at it's lowest position in the tank the knocking sound basically disappears since at this level there is a maximal flow of water entering the skimmer and therefore minimal movement of the float switch. However with the weather where I live evaporation can make it...
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    Help with stag horn

    Try cleaning the main filter once a week. That's what I did. EI type simply means any fertiliser based off the EI system, there are plenty available commerically which you don't have to mix yourself.
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    Help with stag horn

    When I got this I started cleaning my filter more often and switched from lean dosing (ADA) to EI type and it went away.
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    ADA Vuppa II - calling all owners

    Height: Lowest position in tank which allows water to enter through the slot only. Water is not meant to enter over the top. Top up: manually every day from a bucket of water left over from weekly water change. Noise: I don't notice it at the moment because either I have my AC or fans running...
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    Critique my hardscape First proper hardscape

    Hardscape is way too small/low and background is very distracting.
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    - Redemption -

    They are pretty rare I think hence the price.
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    Sunrise Timer

    Actually you would have to be careful not to overdose CO2 before lights on. Before lights on is the most stressful period if you have livestock since the plants have been using O2 all night and producing CO2. I think we would need to know what algae it is for a start before jumping to...
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    CO2 Art regulator

    I had the same thing, had to tighten mine a lot.
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    White staghorn

    Clean your filter if it is dirty.
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    Why no EI in reef?

    Bleaching can be loss of algal symbionts and/or photosytnhetic pigments. It's an interesting question but I would bet that there has been significant bleaching of these corals since the original colonies were taken from the ocean. You might also like these that also describe the nutrients and...
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    Why no EI in reef?

    If these corals were on natural reefs they would be counted as bleached no doubt about it - https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0960982220305716 The health is definitely sub-optimal - in many ways there is not much difference between corals bleached by temperature or a lack of...
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    Why no EI in reef?

    This paper is a good read and provides a number of examples of corals living in definitely not stable conditions: https://www.frontiersin.org/articles/10.3389/fmars.2018.00004/full Brown corals =/= unhealthy corals. In fact I argue somewhat the opposite...
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    Why no EI in reef?

    Re - algae smother corals. Algae will have a hard time smothering live corals unless there are space around them for the algae to grow. Re - stable environment. Not necessarily true for all coral reefs. Inshore and macrotidal envrionments can have extreme daily swings in parameters and the...