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    I wonder how they harvest them so cleanly en masse for prepacked livefood sales?
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    Here is last nights batch of eggs. They've begun hatching but by this evening that small volume of water will be a seething mass of tiny white larvae.
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    At this time of year you should be able to find eggs too. It can be mutch easier to remove a mass of eggs and let them hatch in some tank water. I'm feeding a ton of mosquito and midge larvae at the moment because each night I go and collect eggs from the garden. The midge eggs round here look...
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    Great source of free, clean livefood at this time of year.

    Just a heads up for anyone who has a wormery that it's mosquito season. Not everyone is aware of this but mosquitos are INCREDIBLY attracted to the leachate that many wormeries allow you to drain off via a tap. At the moment I have a bucket of it that I leave out next to the wormery and every...
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    CO2 at start of tank only, dumb idea?

    I've done this before with reasonable results. If you make sure to taper off the co2 supply rather than stop it abruptly and allow floating plants to grow across the surface as you reduce the co2 it can work without many problems. I was only using very slow growing plants that can also cope in...
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    Staghorn Algae Challenge

    Sometimes I get a little bit of staghorn growing on some pieces of lava rock I have some very slow growing mosses on, but if it's growing on something attached to hardscape that can be moved theres a very easy and effective solution - I just take the rocks out and let them sit exposed to air for...
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    Amano Shrimp Berried - Can the young survive?

    I recently discovered that the larvae can actually survive for longer than people often think in fresh water but they do seem to eventually need salt water after a max of about a week. They never last more than 24 hours before they're eaten by my fish though. I once saw a very long and pretty...
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    Has anyone ever seen a female Scarlet Badis?

    roughly how old do you reckon that one is? would be good to have some sense of how quickly they develop.
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    Has anyone ever seen a female Scarlet Badis?

    This is the best picture I've been able to get of one of the fry so far but it's becoming easier as they are now free swimming. It's the tiny little thing above the ramshorn at the edge of the wood. The young growth of fissidens fontanus gives you some sense of scale and if you look closely you...
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    Odd and unusual fish you find in your local fish store

    There used to be a shop in Edinburgh, it's closed down now, that for whatever reason would sometimes have incredibly rare fish without really knowing what they were or how rare they were. I didn't fully appreciate it at the time but they used to get a lot of rare Hisonotus somehow. I would...
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    Ember Tetra Schooling - comparisons between 5, 10, 15, and 20 fish

    Really interesting thread. I've found with some shoaling fish that there's a sweet spot of flow where they're most active. Boraras seem to like very little flow but are much, much less active when there is no flow at all. I believe this is because they feel much more vulnerable when they are the...
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    HOW TO: Clean, easy and highly nutritious greenwater culture for Daphnia and Moina.

    Another weird thing about the ceriodaphnia is I have never even once found an intermediate sized ceriodaphnia. They all appear to be either fully adult size or babies smaller even than rotifers. I think that possibly the now huge accumulation of mulm and sort of algae reefs in this culture plays...
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    HOW TO: Clean, easy and highly nutritious greenwater culture for Daphnia and Moina.

    Ceriodaphnia dubia culture is still going strong but it's incredibly frustrating that I can't figure out why it's doing so well now. I struggled to get these really producing for a long time but currently I harvest from this culture several times a day without apparently having any impact on the...
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    Has anyone ever seen a female Scarlet Badis?

    Here's a video of the rotifers I'm talking about. I can harvest this amount several times a day or as often as needed from a worm culture no larger than a thick book and all that's necessary to keep it going is to pour out and replace the water about once a week and sprinkle a little oat flour...
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    Has anyone ever seen a female Scarlet Badis?

    I've got a lot more fry than I realised, I've been leaving the tank alone other than feeding but I weeded out some floaters today and there were loads of fry hanging out along the back wall that were just hard to see because of the black background. Some of us have been discussing culturing...