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Recent content by louis_last

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    Fissidens splachnabryoides

    I've seen some confusion across various forums about some of the rarer species of fissidens that are used in aquariums but particularly regarding fissidens splachnabryoides. This species was subject to a lot of discussion a few years back when there was more of a craze for aquatic moss and many...
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    Trying to find Pygmy sunfish

    I spent a good while looking for these not long ago, they were another fish along with female scarlet badis that proved quite hard to find in the UK but which was common in Germany when I was over there. If you manage to find any I'd love to hear about your attempts breeding them. I recently...
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    Snails or Otocinclus

    You have access to some amazing shops over there in singapore, please drown us in photos if you're ever visiting any of them. I absolutely love the mini fissidens that seem a lot more common over there.
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    Black tiger badis!

    I've been struggling to get all my scarlet badis fry to accept frozen foods but I've been able to wean them all onto decapsulated brine shrimp eggs which have the convenience of being a dry food while also offering pretty good nutritional value. I'm hoping to now get them transitioned from...
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    Snails or Otocinclus

    Would be interesting to know more. I've always read that otos are relatively sensitive to water quality that's why I find it so interesting that they'd be the sole survivors of this kind of accident. I still think it's as likely that the bacteria decomposing the excess food also caused the...
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    Snails or Otocinclus

    This actually is really interesting. I guess it was probably because the otos could breathe air from the surface while the other fish couldn't?
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    My low budget, low tech tank.

    This is very, very nice. I don't know if this style of scape has a name but it's my favorite by far. I really like the deep shadow.
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    Black tiger badis!

    Very nice. You hoping to breed them then? I bet the males territorial displays will be impressive. Have you found it tricky to get them to accept non live food?
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    Black tiger badis!

    I'm a huge fan of badis! I've got more than 30 Dario dario at the moment!. Have you got a pair of these?
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    Has anyone ever seen a female Scarlet Badis?

    I've got 30+ grown on scarlet badis fry now that are eating all the same foods as the adults but actually they can eat much larger daphnia and moina than I expected even when they are still very small - they just keep chewing them and spitting them back out until they're compressed enough for...
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    I wonder how they harvest them so cleanly en masse for prepacked livefood sales?
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    Here is last nights batch of eggs. They've begun hatching but by this evening that small volume of water will be a seething mass of tiny white larvae.
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    At this time of year you should be able to find eggs too. It can be mutch easier to remove a mass of eggs and let them hatch in some tank water. I'm feeding a ton of mosquito and midge larvae at the moment because each night I go and collect eggs from the garden. The midge eggs round here look...
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    Great source of free, clean livefood at this time of year.

    Just a heads up for anyone who has a wormery that it's mosquito season. Not everyone is aware of this but mosquitos are INCREDIBLY attracted to the leachate that many wormeries allow you to drain off via a tap. At the moment I have a bucket of it that I leave out next to the wormery and every...
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    CO2 at start of tank only, dumb idea?

    I've done this before with reasonable results. If you make sure to taper off the co2 supply rather than stop it abruptly and allow floating plants to grow across the surface as you reduce the co2 it can work without many problems. I was only using very slow growing plants that can also cope in...