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Recent content by johnny70

  1. J

    Nano light (suggestions)

    http://www.thegreenmachineonline.com/pr ... -light-11w I use these on my nano's excellent lights.
  2. J

    Where to buy plants now?

    Nothing wrong with Aquadip, there quailty is way better than the Far East supplier as it's only coming in from Holland, assuming that the supplier keeps them right, you should have no issues with them at all. last time I have a order from Aquadip I got a case of 50+ pots to try and was very...
  3. J


    There is something wrong with that cheese, I have never seen or heard of one going like that in my 20+ years in the kitchen. Camembert is a 45% fat cheese so should not be in any way shape or form dry. Take it back and get a decent piece :D
  4. J

    Where to buy 48"x15"x20" tank?

    What about this guy? http://www.poseidons-palace.co.uk/Posei ... riums.html Very reasonable prices. John.
  5. J

    JBL proflora m603

    Sorry, typo, that should say 602 :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: Cheers, Johnny.
  6. J

    JBL proflora m603

    The 603 uses a pH controller to switch the CO2 on and off. The 603 uses a solenoid valve to swich off the CO2 on and off when attached to a timer. Cheers, Johnny.
  7. J

    Whats this all about?

    Nothing to do with me, as Tony says, if I had known it was his I wouldn't have posted here. Cynical lot here :(
  8. J

    Whats this all about?

    http://www.j-tsaquaticplantfood.co.uk/ Anyone know what's going on here? Looks new today, came up in a regular search, odd there is no contact details :shock:
  9. J

    Green Water

    Thanks again for the advise mate. All the green algae is now gone, now the plants need to recover from the 2 day blackout, sure they will come back quicly with my nuclear powered dosing! Cheers, Johnny.
  10. J

    Green Water

    Thanks Clive, was a very distressing time, 9 tanks to look after and a full time job, power company were next to useless, even the temp. generator kept breaking down! Total of 12 powercuts over 5 days :( lost my L66's CRS and Royal Whiptails. SWMBO had covered the tank when I got home last...
  11. J

    NeilW's 30cm Iwagumi - 'Mono'

    Re: NeilW's 30cm nano - 'Mono' (updated 12/8) Love it, this tank just gets better and better!
  12. J

    Green Water

    No reason for the heavy dosing, apart from most threads here always say, add more ferts more co2, so I did :) and the plants seem to love it, when I get the water sorted I'll cut back. Could be the filter causing this, we have had a series of LONG power cuts here sometimes 16 hours(the joys of...
  13. J

    Green Water

    Sorry, been a bit thick not putting the info up, sorry. 60lt tank, 24w T5 on for 8 hours. CO2 in the yellow, approx 2bps. On 2 hours before lights, off 1 hour before lights out. Ferts, stock solution made with 6tsp Potassium Nitrate, 3 tsp Potassium Phosphate, 15tsp Magnessium Sulphate (1ltr...