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Recent content by JamesM

  1. J

    RE: My association with PlantedBox.com

    On Sunday November 14, 2010, Mark and I decided together that to better the future of PlantedBox.com and Mark Evans as an Aquascaper, PlantedBox.com needed to close its online shop. I've been involved in PlantedBox.com since day 1 when I first approached Mark with an idea and concept to...
  2. J

    Super Shallow Iwagumi

    Excellent, George! The replica rock is superb! :thumbup:
  3. J

    "Prairie Lands"... job done

    Re: "Prairie Lands"... more crypts!!! I tried the garden fence on Without Foundation :lol: I spent a good hour making and painting the damn thing and it looked silly :lol: :shh:
  4. J

    "Prairie Lands"... job done

    Re: "Prairie Lands"... trim no.1 :lol: Come on Bob! Let it grow bro! :thumbup:
  5. J

    "Prairie Lands"... job done

    Re: "Prairie Lands"... trim no.1 George, Nooooooooooo!!! You'll set the rebellious side of Bob off! It'll be stripped down by the weekend now :(
  6. J

    How long would a 500g or a 2kg cylinder last?

    I've run at least 6bps on a 60 litre before. Use a drop checker to measure co2, never trust BPS as it can vary from bottle to bottle.
  7. J

    Aquascaping World Magazine November/December Issue

    More the most part, I agree. PFK is aimed at the general hobbyist and people new to fishkeeping. But as Andy says, lets not even try to compare it to the likes of ASW magazine or AquaJournals as it makes no sense. iirc, Mr Amano stopped printing his magazines in English because there is not...
  8. J

    How often d'yer wash yer balls?

    I wash my balls daily. Media on the other hand is a different story. Sintered glass I rinse about every 6 months, and sponges get a squeeze every month or so. No need for sponges Bob! :thumbup:
  9. J

    Utricularia graminifolia and shrimp?

    Nope :)
  10. J

    "Fifty Shades of Green" - (1600 Litre Sanjarami)

    Awesome Sanj. Not fussed on the one side also, but the wood on the right could be removed and you'd still have a truly epic scape mate :)
  11. J

    Brown algae

    I agree with Paul, but I would also remove at least one bulb from the light unit and shorten the lighting period until you get on top of things. Only then should you think about increasing the light again. Get some Ottos in there to feast on the brown algae too :)
  12. J

    So many problems I don't know where to start!

    No, don't be :) We all have to start somewhere, and the pics are helpful for others who are in the same boat :thumbup:
  13. J

    So many problems I don't know where to start!

    Tbh, that last tank looks under maintained and past the point of saving. Plants aren't healthy, and they wont recover. A thorough clean and new plants would be recommended. A short light period and good maintenance is the key to any tank ime.
  14. J

    my 7'x18"x18" journal

    Re: my 7'x18"x18" malawi biotope Sweet :D Great car collection too :)
  15. J

    IAPLC 2010 Results are out

    Ah, yes, that may explain it. Crazy that it was accepted though, as it was also entered in 2009 and ranked 1156! Maybe if I enter it in 2011 it'll make the top 500! :lol: