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    EI dosing

    My mate has a 120l tank with a single T5 tube with 1/3 the tube blocked off by foil, to reduce light levels and he doses less than 1/4 EI dose levels maybe twice a week, if he remembers. Plants grow, algae free, but slowly.
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    EI Dosing - substitute for Chelated Trace Elements

    Solufeed Tec is replacement for Solufeed B which is the micro most people used, at least from AquariumPlantFood. Difference is TEC uses potassium (and ammonium) based EDTA rather than sodium based EDTA to reduce the sodium load in the fertiliser. As for use in fish tank, probably makes no...
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    EI Dosing - substitute for Chelated Trace Elements
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    Bleaching rocks and scrubbing snail shells

    I have boiled gravel that became extremely green once. Bleach just converted the extremely green algae to white ghost like algae, but didn't actually get it off the gravel.
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    Slate for terracing

    Years ago I made a slate rock feature of "slabs" of slate siliconed together. I got and kept the alignment by drilling a hole through each piece of slate and siliconing in a stainless steel bolt. Looked fine as a terrace. First issue was it continually attracted algae despite not one bit of...
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    Mixing ferts to resemble ADA lineup

    Not convinced chloride salts/ions really have a place in aquatics. Why do you think the sea is full of chloride ? (sodium chloride) as there are no major biological consumers of chloride ions, so they all accumulate in the sea. Potassium carbonate would be a better more plant & fish friendly...
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    Forum has been upgraded

    Has spacing changed again ? Compared to Mark.A above ?
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    Cleaning magnesium scum

    Limescale removers produce fizz equally well with both calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate. If its anything like the scale I had at home, before getting a whole house water softener, it is calcium sulphate, which is completely 100% untouched by all limescale removers, as you have found. I...
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    Cleaning magnesium scum

    Why do you think it is magnesium rather than calcium ? Just interested that's all, as there are very few parts in UK that have significant magnesium in tap water. See this post for the very few area's in UK that have magnesium in the tap water. Magnesium area's
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    How liquid carbon might work

    I think you will find though, the actual levels of CO2 produced from metabolism on a liquid carbon are still way below the levels one can achieve by injecting gaseous CO2 in to the water. To achieve equivalent gaseous levels of CO2 from a liquid carbon would require liquid carbon levels that...
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    CristalProfi greenline

    You need to replace the O-rings shown here. When they wear/harden water leaks into the head assembly. When you tip the pump head up it leaks water from arrowed points below, as water has been leaking past the O-rings into the pump head body. I think the O-rings are 15mm x 2.5mm. I have a...
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    DIY CO2 Issue

    Flow needs to be something like this in order to get sufficient CO2 flow around the tank.
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    How to use a PLC to control your fish tank.

    Unfortunately in my design I didn't use any analogue I/O. Zeus is the man to talk to, as he used both analogue inputs and outputs. I do remember that this is how you connect a counter to an analogue output. You connect the counter count (B001) to one of the parameters of a mathematical block...
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    Filter opinion

    This is how you incorporate an 16/22mm inline heater into larger diameter pipework without affecting the flow. See the 3rd picture in the link below of Zeus's monster tank. You do the same with CO2 injector as well....
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    2nd Hand Tank - Wrong Bulb?

    I have the iQuatics 4 tube Vision 180 unit. I thought the light was too pink using just the iQuatics tubes. So I have two iQuatics tubes and 2 Juwel hi-lite day tubes and in my eyes tank looks a lot better. Just the other day replaced one of the Juwel tubes, installed 2016, so 4 years old...