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Recent content by Ian Holdich

  1. Ian Holdich

    Going Dutch Tropica 1-2 Grow Style

    Hi mate, sorry for the late reply, I always used my tile at 100%, so really can't say if it's too low, but Imo it probably is a little low.
  2. Ian Holdich

    Amano RIP?

    I'm seeing reports come through Twitter regarding Amano...can anyone confirm? This is what I've got... http://www.niigata-nippo.co.jp/sp/news/national/20150806197631.html If so RIP Amano, you've been an inspiration to many.
  3. Ian Holdich

    Going Dutch Tropica 1-2 Grow Style

    Nearly two years ago...time for a new tank I reckon.
  4. Ian Holdich

    A New Adventure (a jungle mess)

    I Sorry, I never really did any measurements, but on an estimate, I would say...the tank was 30cm high, the LED was 10-15cms from the surface, so on the safe side I'd say about 45cms.
  5. Ian Holdich

    A New Adventure (a jungle mess)

    The distance was about 10-15 cm and it was on 100% for 8 hours.
  6. Ian Holdich

    Skellys 60P Build

    I really really like this, it's got loads of character. A very good plant mass, and once filled out it'll be a winner for me. Well done!
  7. Ian Holdich

    IAPLC 2014 Ukaps members entries

    Mine..with equipment.
  8. Ian Holdich


    I used it a while ago, I didn't see if it made a difference or not really. I did start a thread on it here a while ago. I'll try and find it. I found this one... http://www.ukaps.org/forum/threads/citric-acid-source-of-carbon-for-plants.9162/#post-329731
  9. Ian Holdich

    Island Shore - 60 x 30 x 45 Rock, grass and hopefully class!

    Love this Chris, keep up,the good work!
  10. Ian Holdich

    Pets @ Home huge planted tank projects and event.

    Wow! It seems like yesterday...
  11. Ian Holdich

    Twinstar..what is it?

    At last...a real review!
  12. Ian Holdich

    Couple of quick Purigen questions

    You won't regret it, Ben.
  13. Ian Holdich

    Remove carbon or not?

    I agree ^^^ if you go on general forums! they will advise you to take it out. We don't, we like carbon, it's the future.
  14. Ian Holdich

    Remove carbon or not?

    I love carbon in a new set up. I also love Purigen...
  15. Ian Holdich

    Low or high tech ? Hhhhmmmmmn

    Nice hardscape! Planting right will make this a winner.