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Recent content by GHNelson

  1. GHNelson

    Is this taking the Mick

    It's a Sellers's ploy they use, not to be charged a re-listing fee!
  2. GHNelson

    what is this? Is it a algea? or Bacteria?

    Hi This bacteria is similar to the white film that grows on wood added to an aquarium. Usually a combination of a New Set - Up Aquarium/Immature and unhappy plants! Clean off the scum/film and do extra water changes a tad more surface agitation will help and it should disappear eventually. hoggie
  3. GHNelson

    Low-energy Soil Substrate Scape

    Looks good......I like it 👍
  4. GHNelson

    what is this green and pink plant?

    Probably a non-aquatict plant like a Cordyline...or might be Hygrophila polysperma 'Rosanervig'
  5. GHNelson

    Algae Problems

    Can you identify the Algae through this guide below! You will need a filter that has a flow turnover of 10x the tank volume. http://www.theplantedtank.co.uk/algae.htm
  6. GHNelson

    Algae Problems

    Tad more information needed! https://www.ukaps.org/forum/threads/please-read-the-guidelines-for-algae-help.60672/
  7. GHNelson

    Dennerle Scapers Tank 35 Litre "The Red Ring"

    Hi Welcome to the UKaps👍 I like the option of these filters as the flow can be reduced very considerably.....from full power to a gentle cascade! Yes I did add a Dennerele Nano heater but the temperature adjuster got stuck at 22 degrees..... so I replaced it with a No issues with this heater 👍...
  8. GHNelson

    Pest Snail how to get rid of

    Ramshorns will eat Diatomic Algae/Green Spot Algae to name two!
  9. GHNelson

    New tank with low GH, KH

    Yes, Ive used Tropica soil/powder it always lowers my hard tap and reduces the pH. Eventually it loses its ability to lower KH/pH after a number of years! Tropica Aquarium Soil is a Japanese natural volcanic granulate material. Aquarium Soil naturally reduces your KH and pH value and enhances...
  10. GHNelson

    New tank with low GH, KH

    The simple answer is yes!
  11. GHNelson

    Eheim Incpiria Rescape Complete

    I see.....its a piece of equipment I've never used so can't advise the best method to get a stable bubble rate! Just an afterthought I run 2 bubbles a second........ 120 a minute on a 35 litre!
  12. GHNelson

    Eheim Incpiria Rescape Complete

    This seems a very low bubble rate for 400 Litre! Are you using any drop checkers?
  13. GHNelson

    Deficiency help

    Hi You need to add Nitrate, Potassium, and Phosphate and in some cases Magnesium...also! Plecos will rasp on plants and cause leaf damage! The floating Amazon Frogbit looks pretty green so maybe lacking Potassium/Phosphate/Magnesium. hoggie
  14. GHNelson

    Crypts being munched

    Hi Tom You won't need to replace them! Unless your wanting to add a different species of plant. You could try increasing your Co2 a touch, do you add fertilizers? hoggie