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    Recommended fish?

    Thank you for all your suggestions guys and it's been a great help and given me some good ideas, I like the 'Galaxy Rasboras' and also the 'Celestichthys erythromicrons' Not where I could locate the second option from though as I have not seen those in any stores I've been in. I decided to...
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    Recommended fish?

    Hi guys, hope you are all doing well and it's good to be back after a few years break. I am after some advice and recommendations for some fish to go in a 50L - ideally something small that I can have 10 or 12 of... Nothing that likes to jump as the tank is open top... Any recommendations would...
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    Co2 glass U bend?

    Ah, nice one Andy... Just what I'm after, thanks for the link.
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    Co2 glass U bend?

    Hi, guys... Does anyone know where I can get hold of the co2 glass or acrylic U bends in the UK?
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    UKAPS Hardscape Challenge 2016 - How to Enter

    Do we have the names yet?
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    dusting off the old Fluval Studio aquarium.....

    Fantastic hard scape again mate, very nicely done indeed - looking forward to seeing this develop :)
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    Amano RIP?

    Terrible news :( inspiration to many - RIP
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    Coming back to UKAPS...

    Good news George... Tempted to join you as I keep looking at new tanks ;)
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    Stu's 120x45x45 tank sponsored by Tropica

    Fantastic mate.... Another belter from the master! Great detail and scale too - a winner for sure :)
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    Aquarium recommendation

    Hi mate, the Ehiem Scubaline do a nice range and you can now get them with LEDs built in :)
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    "Fifty Shades of Green" - (1600 Litre Sanjarami)

    Yes I agree with Ali, it looks great and nice and mature.... The colours on the bows look incredible too.
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    Do Fertilizer Salts React With Metal?

    Another tidy cabinet..... Where did you get the tray from?
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    Most aesthetic way to drill holes in a cabinet for filter pipes? TMC Signature

    That's what I did with mine and works fine :)
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    Castle Crag

    Looks fantastic James! Great to see your work again.
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    How do you clean up salts?

    White vinegar and kitchen tissue :)