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Recent content by Garuf

  1. Garuf

    Looking for better transition plant

    I would use erio Vietnam or c helfri if you want a vallis like plant.
  2. Garuf

    Aquatic Flower Compendium (ish)

    I don’t actually know because it’s a rhizome node I stole from a bird bath but I suspect it to be nymphaea pygmaea alba
  3. Garuf


    They’re also more co2 sensitive in my experience. Endlers especially I struggled to keep “normal” co2 levels without them showing stress. I suspect in large part being because they’re so active.
  4. Garuf

    Keeping the stems growing straight

    Seems I’m 100% wrong.
  5. Garuf

    Keeping the stems growing straight

    Not to be a contrarian but it’s my understanding that rotalas crawl as a hormonal response to being cramped/planted densely? I don’t know where I got this idea from though.
  6. Garuf

    Journal Shangman’s Crystal Ball

    How are you going to regulate salinity? With evap on such a small volume isn’t it going to creep like no-ones business?
  7. Garuf

    The recipe exchange

    Gareth’s left overs curry Left over meat - left overs usually pork or chicken (assume you’re eye balling it for 4 servings if less see bulking). 1 large onion. 1cm slivers 2 average carrots thinly chopped (bulking veg that works well: potato, aubergine, mushrooms) Thumb grated Ginger I use...
  8. Garuf

    Removing All Shrimps - impossible ?

    Depends, I’ve sold them as “wild” cherries in the past as they have a certain charm to those that don’t want super bold colours and though not lucrative it always provided enough to justify the effort.
  9. Garuf

    Insane tour of large private reef tank

    Could also be that it cost millions if you look at it with all the stock?
  10. Garuf

    Aquario Neo Skimmer - The world's shortest love affair

    You’d think that there would be some good will in it from the shop, they have them available as spares. If it were a bike part in the shop I work we’d replace it with very few questions asked. 🧐
  11. Garuf

    Insane tour of large private reef tank

    And here’s me dreaming of being able to have bigger than a 60cm like a child putting a moonbase on the Christmas list. 🙄 Have to agree, wookii, way too many fish for my tastes.
  12. Garuf

    Oliver Knott's Moss Man

    It didn’t need the eyes but it is a very nice little scape. Do you have a link to the book?
  13. Garuf

    The recipe exchange

    Traditionally, around 2 days or about 80seconds with the electricity prices lately.
  14. Garuf

    Blyxa japonica in a low tech tank?

    E. quadricostatus is easier still! I’ve grown that no-tech