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Recent content by Garuf

  1. Garuf

    Angler lands one of world’s largest goldfish in French lake

    How big is the biggest (actual) goldfish?
  2. Garuf

    Light - how low can you go?

    A long running hobby joke, it means a light of insane output.
  3. Garuf

    Aquarium and Natural History Books

    I have Danish aquarium books in triplicate now that I buy every time I see them, the pictures are just so charming.
  4. Garuf

    Going for a new light

    I had a vivid and sent it back because the fans I thought were very intrusive 😅
  5. Garuf

    Going for a new light

    if that nettle one can be hung from the ceiling so it doesn’t have the doofy looking stand I’d take a chance on it IF the fan is off like 99.99% of the time.
  6. Garuf

    Does anyone remember the Do!Aqua Waterfall Tank?

    Aqua sabi had them for sale about a month ago
  7. Garuf

    The Original

    I often find when a scape has run out of control the best thing is the resolution and relief when the next scape hits, even rescued scapes can still harbour that ghost of dissatisfaction. So what’s next then? 😈
  8. Garuf

    How much filter for a UNS 60U?

    I would build your scape first and then take a look at your outlets. I personally like the aquario plastic clear outlets a lot but I also use cal aqua lilys from time to time. Horses for courses.
  9. Garuf

    How much filter for a UNS 60U?

    The other thing to bare in mind is that high flow and high velocity aren’t necessarily the same thing, that’s where Lilly pipes and diffuser outlets come into their own. It’s high velocity that Betts’s struggle with mostly, also bare in mind that big turnovers are intended for when the tank is...
  10. Garuf

    ADA vs UNS Rimless Aquariums?

    Eheim sell one in nearly that size braceless and Ada and many of the German outlets have 120x60x60 but they’re not 10mm. I have rounded corner tanks but always use them backwards so there’s no visible seams at the back of the tank and the front is nice and crisp.
  11. Garuf

    The Original

    800 amanos? Some wood grazing cats? As many floaters and rotala stems as you can tolerate looking at for a month or 3? Seems a shame to give up on what is a 10/10 bit o wood work. The thing with it is, as you say, it’s as long as a piece of string, my last twigs scape took 4 months before...
  12. Garuf

    Landen Rimless Aquariums?

    I have both, I like the uns better for finish at the mitre but in a blind taste test I would take the one that had the dimensions I like best and would be unable to tell the difference were it not for the mitre.
  13. Garuf

    DIY Project Is this base strong enough?

    If I were you I’d get a plate cut of the same size as the top in a thick plywood and add a brace or two at the back to remove any wobble. If it isn’t on adjustable feet or nicely levelled I’d also figure that out.