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    Tribute to Frederick Thompson

    Poor old Fred he was so passionate about his pond and fish, i would of loved to have met him.
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    Terrarium moss wall cloth

    All I have used is standard capillary mat from my local garden centre, it seems to work fine for me. I like to lay a piece out in the bottom of an otherwise unused tank, seed it with moss, ferns etc and put it outside in the summer, in dappled sun light with a sealed lid. After a couple of...
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    Semi aquatic plants.

    Thanks... it all became to much maintenance in the end, I tried reducing the light, and some plants did not like that however is was the ‘baby tears’ that killed off most of the specimen plants as it became so rampant it smothered everything else.
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    Semi aquatic plants.

    I have made a few vivarium style tanks and I made this open front one a couple of years back. It had many mosses and lichens, ferns, air plants and even a Yasmin.
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    Semi aquatic plants.

    Apart from a few fine leafed stems virtually any common aquarium plant with thrive with its roots in water and the foliage exposed to air, however there must be high humidity surround the plants. If you want to search for examples then look for ‘dry start method’
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    Acrylic aquariums

    I used to love acrylic tanks but that was a long time ago when I was more into marine tanks but more to the point it was at a time when they were far more readily available..... I have not seen a large acrylic tank for sale in many years!
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    Replacement metal halide bulbs

    I used to use them as well, you can fry an egg on the outer case! i used a 6500k bulbs but that was 10-15 years ago.
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    Does good 'flow and distribution' always require high current?

    Well you probably dont need anything like that amount of flow in a low tech tank although in 250lt your filter would be more suited . A full lenth spray bar across the back is probably the most gentle form of getting an even flow, ajusting the hole size and number will adjust the the flow...
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    Does good 'flow and distribution' always require high current?

    What size is your tank and just how much flow do you have? Are you using C02?
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    2 filters or one

    The ten x flow rate is based on the filters rating not the actual flow, it is a guide line. If we go back 10 years or so, there were several guide lines (based on tried and tested methods) that were quoted on this forum on a daily basis. 2 x T5 tubes the same length as the tank, 10 x flow rate...
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    attaching Buces and Anubias

    When using the bait elastic for its designed purpose, you just wrap it around the bait multiple times and it sort of self emalgamates its self so you can just pull it tight without any knots. But for tying plants I just use a basic overhand knot, it is very stretchy so much easier to use than...
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    attaching Buces and Anubias

    Clear bait elastic is probably the easiest method but I find the new stuff takes ages to rot away. A few years ago the transparent elastic my local tackle shop sold would last about two months under water before it melted away but the one they sell now seems to last forever...
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    New to planted tank

    There is nothing wrong with T8s or T5s they both work very well and grow plants perfectly fine! Nothing wrong with using LEDs but you will see loads more issues with LEDs recorded on this forum than you will with florissant tubes . It is an undisputed fact that T5s have lit some of the most...
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    Air stone in sump

    I can’t think of any benefits myself but you can do so if you wish. Just bear in mind that if you are running a genuine 4-5 tank volume down the overflow every hour then you are exposing the contents of you display to air 5 times every hour and I very much doubt if you will need more oxygen...
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    Ha ha well I won’t flood your thread with pictures but if anyone wants to know anything about house ferrets I am the one to ask!