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Recent content by Dogtemple

  1. Dogtemple

    what is this green and pink plant?

    yup, thats the stuff. surprised they can get away with doing that. how shady
  2. Dogtemple

    what is this green and pink plant?

    sorry I didn't get a photo as I thought this was a common plant, but I saw a bunch of these plants in the pet section of a garden centre yesterday which looked a bit like Java fern or some sword shaped type plant, was green with bright pinky/purple edges. I've looked for ages and can't ID it...
  3. Dogtemple

    Everything DIY build

    Small bit of progress after work today. The last post showed how a bit of wire will be attaching to a luminaire. The bit I did today is to attach the other end of the wire. The wire will be feeding through a thin stainless tube. The wire I’m using is stainless steel gear cable for a bike...
  4. Dogtemple

    Best freebie?

    I got a free VW Passat once, no mot but fixed the exhaust and it passed.
  5. Dogtemple

    Everything DIY build

    I got a little time in to do another little job today. I have this Lumini asta pendant lamp that I will be using for this tank. It will be suspended by a cable. The original fitting would require the cable to be tied or gripped with an Allen key type jobby and introduces another “thing”. In...
  6. Dogtemple

    Everything DIY build

    I’ve not posted much on here lately just as I’ve been doing small and not very interesting things like working out the routing of the pipework and making brackets etc. Since this is a bit more relatable though I thought I would post a bit about the hardscape. I’ve been scratching all the tiny...
  7. Dogtemple

    Twinstar..what is it?

    Could anyone tell me the on/off frequency of a Twinstar nano please?
  8. Dogtemple

    Sponge stuck in lily pipe!

    Sulphuric acid will melt it out
  9. Dogtemple

    Can't get my flow right - weird pattern

    I'm curious about this removing filter media suggestion. if removing it surely that only increases the volume of water in the set up. if that's the case, what would be the choice of media to optimise the filter in a planted tank?
  10. Dogtemple

    Everything DIY build

    Did a bit of foraging, my workshop is based on a small holding farm and all the heating is done by burning wood. So there’s stacks of logs everywhere. Just so happened that someone had split a load of ivy clad wood and left the ivy behind. Pretty lucky, found exactly what I wanted straight...
  11. Dogtemple

    Collected Branches - Go/No Go?

    thats a good idea, ill give that a try
  12. Dogtemple

    Collected Branches - Go/No Go?

    What’s the consensus on old dried out ivy wood? I’ve found some ideal bits of ivy which is very old and bark is paper thin and flaking off. but having searched on if it’s safe, the internet tells me little other than it’s either not to be used or it’s fine and several people have done so...
  13. Dogtemple

    Is this nettle?

    It looks like nettle to me. If you pull the stem and pull it out of the ground it should have a yellow root. That and it will sting you.
  14. Dogtemple

    Everything DIY build

    thanks for the input, the pipes furring up, I hope being stainless it will minimise that to an extent. even so, they are easily removed from the bar holders, it's just a grub screw on each holder and it slides off. I was thinking either running an outer of a bike brake cable down there with...
  15. Dogtemple

    DIY Project High flow DIY reactor - now with video

    I haven’t made one yet but this issue has crossed my mind. I thought of placing a powerhead in there and pointing up to agitate the water more.