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Recent content by Dan-CR4

  1. Dan-CR4

    Living waters croydon?

    Well i was only in there a little while but saw no one, as i say they may have been out the back, but no one was to be seen. Its a shame to see it empty like that, as they are very knowledgeable and would be shame to see them go.
  2. Dan-CR4

    Hugo Kamishi Sand

    Has anyone used this sand? I have just got some and was wondering if it needs cleaning or can it be used straight off?
  3. Dan-CR4

    Sand for corydoras, what type?

    thanks for all your replies. After going back and forth in my mind if to get playsand or not. I decided to get some Hugo Kamishi sand, saw some in a local garden centres aquatic department and thought, just get that. so now got to empty my tank of water gravel and wood, and start again...
  4. Dan-CR4

    Living waters croydon?

    not sure if this is the right section, but was wondering if Living waters is closing down, as went there over the weekend and most of the tanks were empty and most of the shelves were also empty, it was sad to see it like that. did not even see any staff there as I was looking round, maybe they...
  5. Dan-CR4

    Sand for corydoras, what type?

    need some advice on sand as a substrate. I want to get some corydoras and read they should have a sand substrate, but dont want play sand as have also read that it compacts too much very quickly .and can hold gases in pockets of sand. so anyone recommend some light coloured sand that will do...
  6. Dan-CR4

    I need new fish food

    what fish food have you been using. I feed mine tetra pro colour and tetra pro algae, also feed algae wafers and some frozen daphnia and bloodworm. none of that breaks up easy and my flow keeps most of the food rotating round the aquarium.
  7. Dan-CR4

    any ideas on what fish this is?

    I agree, he is a nice looking little fish, and I have read their habitat and needs and he will be ok in my aquarium. so think rather than stress him/her and my other fish I will keep the fish. Just cant believe the salesman could of mixed the two up. lol. Its no hardship, just cant believe they...
  8. Dan-CR4

    any ideas on what fish this is?

    thanks for the replies guys. Wife has just been on the phone to Maidenhead Aquatics at Morden, they said it will be a indonesian rock goby. they have asked me to try and catch the bugger as they have asked for it back so they can give me my missing Blue Emperor Tetra. How you mix them two...
  9. Dan-CR4

    any ideas on what fish this is?

    today I bought myself 6 blue emperor tetra, well thats what I asked for:confused:, at my local maidenhead aquatics in Morden. when i get home I look in the bag and I got 5 blue emp tetra and a fish that is nothing like a blue emperor. how he confused it with a blue emp is beyond me. lol Phoned...
  10. Dan-CR4

    4 Channel auto doser

    how about these ones? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Windscreen-Washer-Non-Return-Valve-3mm-4mm-5mm-6mm-8mm-9mm-10mm-12mm-/261513780860?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&var=&hash=item3ce36f9e7c but does say * Not certified for Food Contact Use :(
  11. Dan-CR4

    Peristaltic auto doser

    How long did the pumps take to arrive? I am gonna give this a go myself. love a bit of aquarium diy, been waiting for something like this.:thumbup:
  12. Dan-CR4

    Peristaltic auto doser

    looks very interesting. any chance of a diagram on how to wire one of these relays up to the power supply and the dosing pump. thanks
  13. Dan-CR4

    Wave Maker

    cant see the video, all im getting is
  14. Dan-CR4

    Inline co2 mist

    yep I get a mist with my inlines.
  15. Dan-CR4

    Tap water

    I mix my prime with 500ml water and add it to the tank, using enough prime for the whole tank before re filling the tank straight from the tap. I do a 50% every week and never had any problems doing it this way. I also have a combi bolier and get the water to match the tanks temp and let it go...