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Recent content by Courtneybst

  1. Courtneybst

    Fluval Edge 25l first attempt at an aquascape

    It looks good! I would personally start the CO2. Plants will use up their reserves when freshly planted but once that real active growth kicks in it's going to need that CO2.
  2. Courtneybst

    My 200g window

    I can't remember what the thread is called but there's one on here with pictures from what I think is an ADA booklet about trimming. It's very good and goes into a lot of detail. Maybe @dw1305 could jog my memory?
  3. Courtneybst

    Pico Pond

    The Pico Pond has turned into a bit of a swamp but the plants are still growing. The Lindernia Rotundifolia and the Hydrocotyle Verticillata have actually started to flower. I may upgrade this down the line but I'm quite enjoying watching it do its own thing. I just add a cup of rainwater when...
  4. Courtneybst

    Holiday care for planted Tanks

    I think the automation part is fairly easy to do but my concern is if going away for extended periods and the CO2 runs out. I don't think anyone else would be able to change the bottle.
  5. Courtneybst

    Tidy Jungle II

    Thank you Kogre! I'm definitely grateful that it's coming along nicely and the fish seem to be happy. The snails seem to come whether I feed or not haha, I even only feed every other day. I don't mind to be honest. I think I also underestimate how much cleaning the Clithon Corona snails are...
  6. Courtneybst

    Journal My First Terrarium

    Hey Paulo, this might be a good alternative to the tree moss you were hoping to find. One of the reviews I read also mentioned that the photos don't do it justice, which is unsurprising to be honest...
  7. Courtneybst

    Tidy Jungle II

    Hahaha yeah I'm not surprised, since I've only ever seen one at a time I figured the population can't be too out of control so we can stay friends. The only 'pest' snail that I remove on sight are pond snails. I spotted one the other day and don't know how the hell it got there. Thank you...
  8. Courtneybst

    Tidy Jungle II

    I spot him every couple of days or so... At least I think it's the same one haha.
  9. Courtneybst

    Tidy Jungle II

    Thanks Ady! Yeah the lily has really become the star of the show. The melting has actually been going on from the start back in February but I suspect a CO2 issue as well, maybe more on the distribution side of things. The filters and the powerheads need upgrading so hopefully that will resolve...
  10. Courtneybst

    Tidy Jungle II

    Monthly update (where is the time going?!) It's been a month since I reworked the background plants and added Nymphoides. It's just now starting to take off but it's being hindered by something munching it. At first I thought it was melting but it's without a doubt being eaten. The Amano shrimp...
  11. Courtneybst

    Tidy Jungle II

    Thanks mate! I appreciate that. I'll have to upload a more recent photo as it's growing in really nice. The nymphoides is a bit slower than I was expecting but it's getting taller and taller.
  12. Courtneybst

    The Nymph's Spring (EA900)

    Just curious about the pump actually, are you not able to just use a hose and tap connector? I use a 20ft hose to drain my water into the toilet (nearest waste point) and then connect it to the kitchen sink to refill the tank.
  13. Courtneybst

    New Decade, New Decadence...

    Wow! That's some seriously impressive leftovers.
  14. Courtneybst

    chihiros wrgb2 45cm. par data.

    It's a good starting point but I don't think the 30% increase in wattage translates into 30% increase in par data otherwise you'd be able to work out the par data from the data they've given for their other light units.
  15. Courtneybst

    Twenty Seven Thousand.

    Update on this; a few of them have started laying eggs but nowhere near the rate of the Nerites who peppered every possible surface (even the front glass).