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    How much do you spend on CO2?

    2x3kg = £4 here in nowhere's land, lasts me 2 years on my 60p :)
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    Aquarium recommendation

    I'd go for a bunch of :)
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    ADA Aquasky LEDs Hands on experience
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    Unknown plant

    Looks like utricularia gibba
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    JJ Market Bangkok

    Is that 35000 baht for real? :D
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    Back to my Roots

    Sweet wood man, really impressive work you did there! :)
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    AGA results 2014

    Sadly because many of the aquascapers had no chance to see with their eyes what's underwater ... I'll take my liberty to post some of Chris photos .. judge for yourself the quality of aquascapes made by nature seen in his latest timeline photos...
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    AGA results 2014

    These mountain scapes and underwater bonsai trees winning over and over again .... Please compare this crap that placed 2nd: with this nice underwater scape:
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    Glass lid and light

    The tank is 40cm away from the wall, no background was applied to the back glass. Regarding the lid, I couldn't live without it, all my fish are jumpy, I've lost a lot of them before adding it and I won't go back, I can always increase the light intensity with reflectors or by adding another...
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    Has anyone tried Easy Life's Blue Exit?

    You'll waste money on it, it does nothing to bga, the only product that works against it is erythromycin, but if you don't address the root cause it will appear again.
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    Glass lid and light

    Before people start pumping photons, scared they have too little light, here's a photo with my tank: I'm using 2x18w T8s / 60l, no reflectors, 10cm above the surface and a plexi lid, most of the time covered in dust.
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    Hydrogen Peroxide against BBA

    Take the decor out and clean it with a brush, it's easier than spot dosing and killing your shrimp in the process.
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    Junglerino [NEW PHOTO]

    I decided to change a bit the way I edit the photo, here's an update from today's water change and equipment cleaning. If you want some info please ask, I know you don't want to read walls of text. :) Cheers, Mike
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    IAPLC 2014 results - updated page 1 Some with the original pics, might need to scroll for the pics to load. This is the only tank that I liked from the whole competition: 309 – Zsolt Ágner – IAPLC 2014
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    tropica aqua soil

    From the looks it should be like Nature Soil, JBL has one also, all of them should be great in a planted tank, choose the one it's available in your area or is cheaper.