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Recent content by bigmel

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    Easycarbo and Algae

    Ok ....the BBA is starting to go lighter in colour and some bits are going pink so the easy carbo is working :thumbup: A lack of water changes and not enough filter maintenance is the cause in my case , so its my own fault :oops:
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    Algae and java moss won't grow

    Re: Algae and java moss won't grow Looking better :thumbup: I,ve had a nightmare with BBA Twice :cry: Mines just a noddy none co 2 set up with vallis and java moss , the moss grows like stink but the vallis seems to be melting . Anyway , when the BBA has appeared i,ve lacked water...
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    Easycarbo and Algae

    Same here , the easy carbo seems cack in comparision to excell its not touched the BBA this time the excell nuked the lot in 2-3 days. Waste of money for me .
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    Hair Algae - How Much Liquid Carbon

    Did it work mate at the dose you used ?
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    Armed (with Excel) and dangerous...

    I bought some and the BBA went red in 2 days and its been BBA free since , untill 3 weeks ago (havn,t maintained the tank as often as i should have ) but will be doing more water changes etc now . Anyway this excell stuff was not in stock at the LFS so bought the easy carbo ?? Is this as good...
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    growing algae for otos

    I,ve got 5 ottos in a fluval edge which don,t touch the algae on the glass or the Bog wood but eat away on cucumber all the time . No idea why the, batch in the main tank won,t touch cucumber but just scrounge around "looking for algae" I,m going to swap them over at the weekend to see what...
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    Random shrimp deaths in mature tank

    This is just a guess / thought, but isn,t the ph very low at 6.1 Mike ? we live near each other and both have ultra soft water . My kh is just about 1 from the tap and ph is 7 ish . I,ve only had mine a few months but they seem to be doing ok touch wood .
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    Assasin snails with red cherry shrimp

    I,m very lucky i have a source of common pond snails in my indoor qt tank , i,ve got hundreds of them so i can put plenty in there for them to hunt down :thumbup: My own newbie thoughts were that they would have to be very hungry to try and catch / eat a shrimp . It looks like i will just...
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    Assasin snails with red cherry shrimp

    Thanks guys It seems some have no trouble and others have lost shrimp :cry: Not sure what to do now , nones gone in the night but they have only gone in there yesterday !
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    Assasin snails with red cherry shrimp

    Hi all An internet search reveals conflicting advice....i have moved my assasins in with 30 RCS in a 23 ltr tank (7 of) Do they eat shrimp or not ? The assasins are well fed on live pond snails and were growing well in the bigger tank but i,ve just added clown loaches and i,m pretty sure they...
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    Is IT just me ???

    I,ve put it back how it was this morning . I might try a few more plants to see if i can improve things .
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    Is IT just me ???

    , I get a tank looking right , it looks spot :thumbup: :D .......3 weeks later i piss about with it , alwaya have done , moveing wood etc , it looks better now :D .....only to mess again in a couple of weeks , never satisfied ! Is this the aquascapeing bug or do i need to see a life style...
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    Easy plants for a fluval edge 23 ltrs please..

    Thanks mate , i will google them to see what they are , i,m a plant numptie unless its swords or vallis i,m clueless .
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    Easy plants for a fluval edge 23 ltrs please..

    Hi all Any suggestions for some easy to grow plants for a fluval edge ? I don,t really want java moss in this one but might go with it . Its just for red cherry shrimps and a few hardy plants for the back to hide the heater would be nice . Any pics suggestions would be great . Its the LED...
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    Killing algae without using easy carbon????

    .lol...thats true :D I,m up North and its not stopped raining all day !