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Recent content by bazz

  1. bazz

    Can't get temperature down

    Hi, This is working well for me: Cheers, bazz
  2. bazz

    Kessil or Chihiros vivid 2

    Good morning becks, Just in the process of slowly removing stems to let the crypts grow through so tank looking a bit shoddy but I'll post this photo just to show you that you can add a bit of colour with the a360x. Cheers!
  3. bazz

    Emersed Aroid substrate

    There aren't any fish tanks on there, it's an international crypt forum populated with collectors and the odd expert, predominantly growing rare crypts terrestrially. You can easily leave the group if you have no joy.
  4. bazz

    Emersed Aroid substrate

    Hi greenbliss, It appears to me that you are probably already more of an authority on this subject than most and no doubt have already trawled the www for information, but one longshot is to maybe ask the same question on a Facebook group, if you haven't already, that I lurk on Facebook Groups...
  5. bazz

    Plants not really melting in a new tank, it that good?

    Hi, I can't tell 100% from the photo but just in case, it looks a little like your Java Ferns are planted in the substrate. If they are, they shouldn't be and if they're not then I apologise. Cheers
  6. bazz

    Kessil or Chihiros vivid 2

    Hi, I'm running a single a360x Tuna Sun and I'd disagree with all of the above. With the amber and red LEDs I've never had a tank looking so vibrant compared to Twinstar, before that TMC and again before that 4x different T5s in a single unit. However for me there is a major drawback...
  7. bazz

    DIY Project High flow DIY reactor - now with video

    @Wookii Hi, Did you get round to building/using this with success, if so, on what size aquarium (mine's 90x55x53h)? I'm using a AM 1000 and it's not cutting it for me, having to use an inline diffuser in tandem to achieve targets, tried with original bio balls, empty and now Siporax. If you did...
  8. bazz

    Is this safe?

    Hi, The tank appears in the last two photographs to be awfully high from the floor, can you not screw all of the feet all the way in, and then just screw out a couple of millimeters the appropriate feet to bring the tank level with equal pressure on all the feet, if this makes sense? I would...
  9. bazz

    Is this safe?

    Hi, I would most definitely level an aquarium of that size. I used these...
  10. bazz

    IFC Aquarium Fertilizer Calculator

    Hi @Zeus. I'm remineralising RO with Calcium Chloride, Calcium Sulphate, Magnesium Sulphate and Potassium Carbonate to dGH5 & dKH1. Do you think I would be better off deducting the amount of Mag & Pot from EI fert dosing or just treat it as a separate entity? Many thanks for your time!
  11. bazz

    Discus has white on it, have pics that I am going to try and post. The discus swims around and eats but it looks like its getting on the eyes.

    That poor Discus doesn't look very well at all to me, at that age they ought to be kept in a group, fed well and maintained to the optimum. Cheers.
  12. bazz

    Algae Identification

    I came to the conclusion from visual comparison that it was Staghorn but it's now been in neat Easycarbo for 48 hours and is still green. Back to the drawing board!
  13. bazz

    Algae Identification

    Hi, Could anyone help make a positive ID on this algae please, I've tried to compare it with lots of photos on here and elsewhere including James 'Planted Tank' Algae Identifier and still can't tell if it's Staghorn, Hair, Thread or what? I've just noticed a couple of tufts have popped up...
  14. bazz

    Aqua One, AquaSys

    Hi, Have you received your aquarium yet, I paid for the 230 over the phone after the guy at Viscum Aquatics told me that it would be 1 or 2 weeks, that was on 25.01.21, and I'm still waiting?
  15. bazz

    Not going so well this time.

    Hi, Jewel lido 70 x 60 x 50cm, 200l. 2 x 600 Ultima growbeam on 50% for 5 hours/day. 1200 XLT filter. 2000 compact+ running a Sera Flore 1000 reactor. Drop checker 4 degree KH water = yellow. 3 Bags of Eco complete and 1 bag of Seachem fluorite black. Dosing EI. I've set up 7 or 8 aquariums...