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Recent content by Bartash

  1. Bartash

    2000 Subscribers!

    Hi NA-Fan, Its abit of both to be honest, alot of the stuff i have bought and made videos if i think they are good or bad. Contacted the companies and told them i have reviewed a product i have bought and they sent me other products to check out. Other companies have seen my channel and asked...
  2. Bartash

    2000 Subscribers!

    i have made it to the 2000 subscriber mark on YouTube :) Thank you to everyone who has subscribed or taken the time to watch one of my videos. I have a massive passion for this hobby and I love making videos on YouTube and when I reach certain personal targets it encourages me to make more...
  3. Bartash


    Welcome to the forum and i love your forum name lol
  4. Bartash


    Welcome to the Forum :) Carl
  5. Bartash

    New member from devon

    Welcome to the forum, everyone is friendly and helpful here. Enjoy your stay Carl
  6. Bartash

    New Moderators - Ian Holdich and Ady34

    Congrats guys, well deserved :thumbup: Carl
  7. Bartash

    DIY: Moss wall with a difference

    Thx guys and sure use any of my vids buddy Sent from my Galaxy Nexus using Tapatalk 2
  8. Bartash

    My 11yr old sons first aquascape

    Level of difficulty: Easy Volume: 12L Dimentions: 30 x 20 x 20 cm Substrate: Tropica Substrate , plus Unipac gravel Light: Orphek PR72 LED Light CO2: 3-5 mg/L Heat: 24c Filter: Eheim Classic 2213 Fertilizer: 5ml Tropica Premium 5ml Tropica Specialized per week Time consumption/week: less than 30...
  9. Bartash

    I need your images

    Hi all im setting up a small personal website in conjunction with my youtube channel but i need photos etc.. for some nice header images they need to be as high res as possible and 1000 x 288 pixels minimum The are to replace the header images here Welcome to PlantedTankUK | Bringing Nature...
  10. Bartash

    My 11yr old sons first aquascape

    Hi guys i wanted to show you my sons aquascape, he is only 11 and designed and did the whole thing himself, im one proud dad :) Leave him a comment on the video and thumbs up, he watches for new comments daily lol Thanks Carl
  11. Bartash

    My new Aquascape in Fluval Roma 90

    Thanks guys its much appreciated. Corys are totally stunning fish and i feel they have a great personality and always great to just sit and watch them. Carl
  12. Bartash

    My new Aquascape in Fluval Roma 90

    Ive made a layout video hope you like it. Its better to watch in HD Carl
  13. Bartash

    New look ukaps forum and website

    great job guys the site looks amazing :) Carl
  14. Bartash


    Ive just uploaded a quick video showing the light over one of the tanks so you can see what the colour is like http://youtu.be/mgu4pZ83oK0 Carl
  15. Bartash


    There must be something in the different colours Ian as most LED companies is trying to get them into their lights. Fluval have just developed their new LED Featuring 5 unique LED Band Waves for maximum growth and colour. 50% of the LED mix meets the optimal photosynthetic requirements of...