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Recent content by baron von bubba

  1. baron von bubba

    HELP diatom identification

    i think he may have been after something a little more specific than that dude! nice pics btw.
  2. baron von bubba

    Plant Leaves Falling Apart! With Pics

    i would imagine that most ppl on here will tell you the lighting is too high to be running without the aid of co2. what is the lighting cycle on for? possibly remove the reflectors and add some floating plants to cut down the amount of light getting into the tank. water changes in a non co2...
  3. baron von bubba

    Naturally add co2?

    how is he mocking you???! and yes you can argue they are not expensive, i have a 2nd hand regulator and a fire extinguisher. £40 total plus a bit extra for diffuser and tubing. don't bother with a filter either they are sometimes pretty expensive and hardly can be said to be pretty! :crazy...
  4. baron von bubba

    the evolution of my tank! any advice or tips welcome!

    ok couple of new pics, tank still going well, no major mishaps even when i have let it go downhill slightly! :shh:
  5. baron von bubba

    Symptoms of plant adaption to higher CO2?

    look at the flow. if you are sure the co2 and nutes are at the level required by the given lighting, then flow is all that is left to cause issues. have you tried measuring co2 levels in different parts of the tank?
  6. baron von bubba

    Hi-fi/speaker question for the techies

    the richer sounds shop in bristol has a demo set up with ipod dock and cambridge kit. if you want a decent quality sound at the very best price this would be the route to go down. and i concur with the other guys, just stereo for music, more speakers for films.
  7. baron von bubba

    8L nano. impulse buy.........!

    hi all, bought this little 8L nano today, bit of an impulse buy really....... :oops: picked up a perfect bit of bogwood with the tank. the plants blxya, anubias nana and frogbit were borrowed from my other tank. i'm going to use easy carbo and fert using pre mixed dry ferts i have all ready...
  8. baron von bubba

    Ammonia and Nitrite problems

    so you are still adding ammonia???? maybe thats why its showing on a test kit? i think its probably good for the plants rather than bad, some ppl add a form of it as a fert. but is one trigger for algae in a tank. so why add it? plant heavily add fish early.
  9. baron von bubba

    First Planted Discus Tank

    looking very nice dude! those fish are beautiful.
  10. baron von bubba

    Ammonia and Nitrite problems

    could it be that the test is not giving you accurate results? if there is anything leaching ammonia will the bacteria colony multiply very quickly to deal with extra small amounts? when you first put the fish in the ammonia levels will rise at some point chances of you measuring this at the...
  11. baron von bubba

    has anyone read this? (sears-conlin article on algae)

    I concur. Your posts have been interesting and informative. Its good to have differing and varied points of view and opinions.
  12. baron von bubba

    has anyone read this? (sears-conlin article on algae)

    i dont really agree with this. suggesting ppl get ridiculed here for using differing methods is a little over the top i feel. while some are strong in their convictions and wish to try and educate others and dispel some of the myths, it's not a case of ppl pushing one method only. it does...
  13. baron von bubba

    poor quality java ferns

    http://www.oft.gov.uk/advice_and_resour ... gulations/ name and shame them!
  14. baron von bubba

    Comp_Nov09: sams opti pico

    the tank looks superb, nice one dude.
  15. baron von bubba

    BBA but not on plants, means?

    bad flow could be a big factor. 10x would be a recommended turnover on this forum.