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Recent content by Bahrah

  1. Bahrah

    microsorum problems

    Do you think Clive has shares in BOC?:) Cheers Bahrah
  2. Bahrah

    Rio 125

    Nice tank. like the video too!!
  3. Bahrah


    A Merry Christmas to all,:thumbup:
  4. Bahrah

    Back to my roots

    I also don't like the scenery style scapes, I reckon they're boring. I'm with you on that Ian!!
  5. Bahrah

    A newcomer...

    Welcome to the forum, I really like the hillstream setup!
  6. Bahrah

    List-like FTS thread?

    I think it is a great idea, I often browse the forum just to look at the pictures for ideas and inspiration. As "Jojouk" writes you could always insert a link to more a more detailed post.
  7. Bahrah

    Congratulations Mark Evans of Tropica!

    Congratulations Mark.
  8. Bahrah

    Anubias Sp. Bonsai / Petite

    Hello there, I had the same problem, the plant just disintegrated after about two weeks and I was left with one little bit of the rhizome with three or four leaves. I left it alone and although the remaining plant did not die off it basically did nothing for 10 months. However in the last few...
  9. Bahrah

    What other hobby's do you have?

    Watching Rugby League & Drinking Real Ale, but not necessarily in that order!! Cheers Bahrah
  10. Bahrah

    why your user name?

    When I first started using the internet in the 90's I was working in Saudi Arabia. Bahrah which is about 20 Km outside Jeddah on the old Mecca Road was were I was working so I adopted it as my user name.
  11. Bahrah

    Nymphaea lotus (zenkeri) - Bulb come off

    Hi, It has been over two years, how did your detached Plant & Bulb fair? I am keen to know as exactly the same thing has happen to me tonight when I was relocating my lotus. I will be devastated if the plant dies now that it has become separated from the bulb as it has grown into a really...
  12. Bahrah

    Aquagreen (the end)

    Re: Aquagreen (longer vid p10) Really nice scape. Also liked the video, very calm & soothing. Bahrah
  13. Bahrah

    Colors of Nature

    A really nice looking tank, very pleasing on the eye. How long after your initial set up were the photographs taken? Bahrah
  14. Bahrah

    My First Planted Tank

    Hi all, Just a quick line to say that this tank has now been decommissioned and a completely new scape is currently a work in progress. Bahrah