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  1. Aqua sobriquet

    Ehiem 2213 to fluval 107

    I can’t see anything there that should effect the flow from the Eheim too badly. The Fluval has a completely different arrangement inside so it will be interesting to see how you get on. I’ve got a Tetratec EX400 on a 37L which works ok but the flow does suffer as the sponge pre-filter I fitted...
  2. Aqua sobriquet

    Ehiem 2213 to fluval 107

    I can’t help but if you do change it would be very interesting to hear your thoughts after running the 107 for a while. As a point of interest what type of inlet/outlet and media are you using in the 2213?
  3. Aqua sobriquet

    Surface Skimmer for inflow pipe

    I’ve tried a few different skimmers over the years and none of them worked consistently well. Some have worked ok for a while and then stopped skimming for one reason or another. They also seem to need to be kept clean but even this doesn’t guarantee success. I’ve even seen tanks in shops with...
  4. Aqua sobriquet

    Eheim filter flow ratings?

    That’s what I said earlier. ;) Canister filters like the Eheim Classic have been around for decades and the information provided by the manufacturers doesn’t seem to have put people off buying them over the past 30 or 40 years! The classic must be the longest selling canister out there and...
  5. Aqua sobriquet

    Eheim filter flow ratings?

    I disagree. If you check the manual, EHeim and most other manufacturers state the pump output, the maximum head and recommended aquarium size. If you find this information useless I suggest you’re in the minority. It’s almost certainly a helpful starting point for most buyers. What is pointless...
  6. Aqua sobriquet

    Tank in front of radiator

    The valve nearest the thermostat as you say doesn’t have a TRV. It should though have a normal valve for balancing the system so you should be able to turn it down. The adjuster is normally under a small plastic cap.
  7. Aqua sobriquet

    Eheim filter flow ratings?

    As I understand it the quoted throughput is under ideal test conditions with no media in the filter. Obviously manufacturers can’t predict what media you’re going to use or the location of the filter and hose lengths etc. If you actually run a clean filter without media you’ll find the figures...
  8. Aqua sobriquet

    Making steel inlet/outlet baby shrimp safe

    I used this: https://www.ukaps.org/forum/threads/intake-strainer.60463/#post-593610 And this: https://www.ukaps.org/forum/threads/skimmer-modification.63049/
  9. Aqua sobriquet

    Media Basket

    Actually my mistake, thinking about it some more I’m not sure there is any bypass. The coarse foams at the bottom are doing virtually nothing whilst the fine foam is absorbing as much detritus as it can then letting the excess through into the bio media. My first experiment next time I do a...
  10. Aqua sobriquet

    Media Basket

    Update: I’ve just carried out a routine filter clean and I’m still getting bypass! I’m really not sure what’s happing here. As noted earlier the bottom of the canister contains several snug fitting filter foams and then the biological media in a basket. The coarse foams at the very bottom were...
  11. Aqua sobriquet

    Aquascape stores in and around London

    Get some Shrimps, they’ll get rid of it for you.
  12. Aqua sobriquet

    Surface skimming

    Most skimmers seem to suck up small critters. Skimming can be a real problem for those of us that have shrimp.
  13. Aqua sobriquet

    Switching off my canister filter for feeding. Will I have to prime again?

    What happens with the heater on these filters, is there a separate switch for it?
  14. Aqua sobriquet

    Why are filters not more user-friendly?

    Aesthetics are another issue. I was after a small external to sit next to a Nano and there were a couple that would do the job but so ugly. In some ways, for me at least, the more simple the design the more attractive. Trying to “stylise” some of these products have been a failure in my view:
  15. Aqua sobriquet

    Why are filters not more user-friendly?

    Judging by what I’ve seen on the net plenty of folks have made their own external filters. Maybe you could too?