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Recent content by 1stgolf

  1. 1stgolf

    Cave in the Hill

    Fantastic layout.
  2. 1stgolf

    Critique my hardscape Got wood?

    Nice wood fella
  3. 1stgolf

    Old rocks

    Love them rocks.
  4. 1stgolf

    Stu's 120x45x45 tank sponsored by Tropica

    I'm amazed what a great scape.
  5. 1stgolf

    35L by Wojtek

    Lovely tanks mate
  6. 1stgolf

    New ADA 45-P

    Nice placement of the rocks mate.
  7. 1stgolf

    My friend bought a tank ?

    Nice looking scape.
  8. 1stgolf

    Ohko Ocean, now 'Peaks'

    Scape looks amazing mate
  9. 1stgolf

    Awsome cleaning tool

    I use a car window ice scraper cost me all of 0.50p probley won't last as long as the scraper you've bought though as it looks a nice solid bit of kit.
  10. 1stgolf

    Back to the mountain - New project

    Getting there mate
  11. 1stgolf

    My tank 100L Matej

    Nice looking tank.
  12. 1stgolf

    Unnamed Low Tech Nano

    This has come along nicely mate.
  13. 1stgolf

    Twin Specs

    Loving the second spec mate. Keep them updates coming
  14. 1stgolf


    This sounds interesting
  15. 1stgolf

    Out with the old in with the new...ADA 60p

    Looking good mate. I love the placement of the rocks