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New Profile Posts

  1. Wiccatfish
    Wiccatfish mr. luke
    Hi - just saw a post/question of yours from 2009 regarding availablity of Anubias gigantea in UK - please can you tell me if you ever managed to get some? If so, where from? Many thanks
  2. Gill
    Starting a new life at 40, me myself and I.
  3. hotweldfire
  4. veryl
  5. Antony
    Antony ceg4048
    Hi Clive, I’ve been keeping fish for over 35 years, I became a member on this site back in October, I have learnt so much since then, my tank has never looked as good, plants growing well and fish all happy, I have read all your post with interest and And incorporated many of your thoughts and ideas into my tank, ie manly flow and distribution with great success, thanks for your input it really is appreciated.
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    2. ceg4048
      Hi Anthony. Thrilled to hear of your success. As always, pass the information on to others that struggle. That's how we advance the hobby!
      10 Jan 2018
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  6. EmannAquarium
    EmannAquarium linkinruss
    hi...seen your post on the juwel heliolux...can you please advise light luminosity settings for your profiles and your daytime lighting.


  7. Brian Mcculloch
    Brian Mcculloch
    I walk this empty street...
  8. Jack Reilly
    Jack Reilly ceg4048
    Hi ceg4048, thanks for all your informative posts over the years. I usually look for your avatar in any thread I'm reading because I know that's usually where the good info is.
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    2. ceg4048
      Thanks for the kind words mate. Greatly appreciated!
      8 Oct 2017
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  9. Jayefc1
    Jayefc1 LondonDragon
    Hi thanks for the welcome I've learnt loads already love the site
  10. simon sharp
    simon sharp Nathaniel Whiteside
    Hi Nathaniel,

    I saw the cabinet you made. In all seriousness, can you make me one ?!?!


  11. leetaylor
    leetaylor LondonDragon
    I have to report that unfortunatly the last of your batch of cherrie red shrimps has gone to the sky...
    1. LondonDragon
      Damn that was a long time ago I sent them!! Can't believe you had them going all this time!!
      16 Jun 2017
  12. 1stgolf
    Back on the scean.
  13. slybry
    slybry foxfish
    1. foxfish
      Sure press on my signature link .. my log
      3 Mar 2017
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  14. LondonDragon
    LondonDragon Garuf
    Happy Birthday :)
  15. martin-green
    No such word as "payed" when you have given money for goods or services the word is "paid"
  16. SwordTail
    SwordTail LondonDragon
    Hi to all! Glad to have discovered this forum.
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    2. LondonDragon
      Welcome to UKAPS :)
      24 Jan 2017
  17. Tomas4
    Tomas4 mibe661
    Hello,could you tell me about your light.Could you write how hight are lamp?What seting you tuning?How deep is your tank?
    I asking because my crypts started melt.Don't know why.Looking for solution.

  18. petn
    go planted and never give up
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  19. BettsBP
    BettsBP LondonDragon
    Hello. Thx for welcome
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  20. Marlon
    Marlon George Farmer
    Hi George, I have 2 kessil a160s w goosenecks on 90cm aquascaper. 3 weeks in, running 6hrs w pressurised co2 and ro had the lights at 100%. Noticed some algae on glass now down to 60%. Can you advise on height and brightness? Without knowing par not sure how high/low they should be. Wood cast some shade & want the best for cuba & eleocharis p. Weekly waterc changes, ordered ei starter kit. Thanks, Marlon
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