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New Profile Posts

  1. 1stgolf
    Back on the scean.
  2. slybry
    slybry foxfish
    1. foxfish
      Sure press on my signature link .. my log
      3 Mar 2017
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  3. LondonDragon
    LondonDragon Garuf
    Happy Birthday :)
  4. martin-green
    No such word as "payed" when you have given money for goods or services the word is "paid"
  5. SwordTail
    SwordTail LondonDragon
    Hi to all! Glad to have discovered this forum.
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    2. LondonDragon
      Welcome to UKAPS :)
      24 Jan 2017
  6. Tomas4
    Tomas4 mibe661
    Hello,could you tell me about your light.Could you write how hight are lamp?What seting you tuning?How deep is your tank?
    I asking because my crypts started melt.Don't know why.Looking for solution.

  7. petn
    go planted and never give up
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  8. BettsBP
    BettsBP LondonDragon
    Hello. Thx for welcome
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  9. Marlon
    Marlon George Farmer
    Hi George, I have 2 kessil a160s w goosenecks on 90cm aquascaper. 3 weeks in, running 6hrs w pressurised co2 and ro had the lights at 100%. Noticed some algae on glass now down to 60%. Can you advise on height and brightness? Without knowing par not sure how high/low they should be. Wood cast some shade & want the best for cuba & eleocharis p. Weekly waterc changes, ordered ei starter kit. Thanks, Marlon
  10. mibe661
    Never allow waiting to become a habit!
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  11. Courtneybst
    Courtneybst NatureBoy
    Hi Nature Boy, I see that you said you liked Living Waters on a post by George Farmer. I was wondering if you live locally to Croydon as I do and would like to know where other local aquascapers source their materials.

  12. Glenn Birtwistle
    Glenn Birtwistle LondonDragon
    Hi, just joined the group and saying Hi!
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  13. Bugnal1
    Bugnal1 Nick16
    Hi Nick,
    I'm interested in buying a pot of the crypts from you how would you like to be paid?
    Many Thanks
  14. Manisha
    Manisha Andy D
    Hi, sorry to bother you - I wondered if there is tecnical work on the forum? I'm unable to post either a reply or new thread as the text box is missing! Many thanks Manisha
  15. Manisha
    Manisha LondonDragon
    Apologies for posting directly & not in technical help, sorry!
    When trying to post a reply to a thread the text box appears missing?!
    I attempted to post in technical help but could open a new thread because the text box is missing also!!!
    Is there maintenance work on the site perhaps? Many thanks. Manisha
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    2. LondonDragon
      Thanks for the heads up, should have been off only for a few seconds. Cheers
      8 Aug 2016
  16. kiddjam
    happy chappy
  17. Mr Manzanita
    Mr Manzanita MrHidley
    hey James, I'm hoping you are the right person. I received an enquiry on Alibaba regarding manzanita wood and I'm unable to reply via Alibaba. If you are infact the James Hadley I'm after please send me an email at sales@recoilsports. If not I sincerely apologise!!
  18. David2016
    David2016 amy4342
    Hi there, I read you have used or are still using the am1000 co2 diffusers.
    Do you still use them, or have you any problems with reduced flow? I'm looking to upgrade my tank and co2 system. New tank is 470lt filtered by 2 Eheim canisters .
    Any advice would be great.
  19. Piete
    Piete LondonDragon
    Sorry to start this early, but will there be an UKAPS Aquascaping Experience in 2017, if so could we be informed a little earlier than January, i need to make my holiday planning in October of this year and would like to attend it in 2017,

    Many thanks

    1. LondonDragon, SinkorSwim and Kay G like this.
    2. LondonDragon
      No dates set in stone yet, we will probably start discussions after the summer.
      15 Jun 2016
  20. Sean-476
    Sean-476 George Farmer
    Hi George. How vital is it to use ro water in a a aquascape? Previously I have used tap water with de chlorinator and that seemed OK. But this time around I might purchase an ro filter. What would be your advice?
    Many thanks
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